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মেঘলা দিন, ঝমঝম করে বৃষ্টি পড়ছে৷ সারা বাতাসে কেমন জানি মনখারাপী গন্ধ... মনে পড়ে যায় না পাঠানো চিঠির কিছুটা অংশ৷ --আমি যেদিন থাকবো না, সেদিন একটা গোলাপ গাছ পুঁতো, কেমন? হলুদ গোলাপের গাছ৷ তুমি তো জানতে গোলাপ আমার কত প্রিয়৷ গাছটার নাম দিও রূপকথা৷ আমি যে চিরটাকাল রূপকথায় বাঁচার কত চেষ্টা করেছি৷ আমাকে জিজ্ঞেস করলেনা তো হলুদ রঙ ই কেন? কেন জান? হলুদ হোল অনেক বাসনার রঙ,ইচ্ছেডানার রঙ... রূপকথারা তাদের ইচ্ছে নিয়ে বেড়ে উঠুক, এই আমার ইচ্ছে... যেদিন আমি থাকবো না, সেদিন ওদের মধ্যে না হয় তুমি আমায় খুঁজো... আবার তো আমি আসব ফিরে, সেই যে রূপকথার গল্প হয়ে...💛❤️💛 মৌপ্রিয়া(রূপকথা নয়) .. .. .. .. .. #writersofindia #writingcommunity #poetrycommunity #feelyourfeelings #feelingsofheart #riders #livetoride #wanderingwomen #roamaroundtheworld #lovenature💚 #scooterride #roadtrip #kolkatablogger #kolkatabuzz #kolkatadiaries #photographylovers
CAPTION - I see them with friends, I see them in happiness, I see them loving themselves, I see them prioritize themselves, I see them doing wrong and still being loved, I see them doing up all what they love, I see them hanging out with all, I see them having people to support, I see them asking for love and sympathy, I see them having people to feel free, I see them doing the best they can, I see them able to talk to everybody, I see them getting all the love and care, I see them looking way more prettier, I see them I see them I see them and cry behind the smiles, all what I did was care and got back the cries, I know they are loved by their own ones, maybe I tried to be with the wrong ones, I know you all are the best, ok I sit sad and depressed, its been an year I talked to someone, no charm all harm left all over. I know they too go through dark times, but I see them shine even more bright, I see them look so beautiful and do what they like, I fear doing anything I want to, in my mind I make up all the worst, I don't say anything I fear what will they think, and I see them not bothering a bit not caring a bit, I still wonder did I do any wrong, is this the result of any wrong or its a lesson learnt, I either want an end or a connection, not to be stuck in this riddle, I still am in my mind, will forever stay quiet, I feel no love, I am out here just wanna burn, I see people , I am not them, I have no one and no one to care, I lost myself loving people caring so much for them that now can't afford the same for self! #poetry #postoftheday #poetscommunityofinstagram #quoteoftheday #quotesaboutlife #hurt #wordshithard #wordsofsoul #writingcommunity #writersofinstagram #thoughts #bookstagram #quotesporn #feelingsquotes #lost #blues #aesthetics #fomo #introvertquotes #friendships #quotesoftheday #selflesslove #alone #darktimes #losingmyself #wordpower #girlinlovewrites