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What does pre-pandemic bliss look like?! 🤣😱 Scrolling back to one year ago 😭🙏... and now that day I became a mama is seven years ago on Tuesday. And so it goes...❤️🌱✌️💫 . “Six years ago on Monday, I became a mama. The very next day, I struck up a conversation with another mom in a small little corner of the Internet (said convo was about my placenta 😂 ) which set forth a domino of some really epic changes in my life. . No, not with these unicorn tears called essential oils I’m always talking about- but with thinking for myself and being less fearful as a mother. Trusting my body and its incredible capabilities (thank you @themilkinmama 🙏) and realizing the power I have in the choices I make. In deciding whose feedback really matters and what is just noise (including me up in my own damn head). . I used to think you couldn’t make real friends on the Internet...I also used to think network marketing was for weirdos. Thank you @karifriedman for proving me wrong on both fronts, for stoking a fire that’s always been there but that I happily ignored so I could safely hide behind my assumptions.... for helping me SO MUCH with my emotional and physical health, the health of my family and so many other families too. A legacy of helping people, mostly women, find their power, their voice and a whole lot of solutions to go along with it. . That day six years ago led to this one, and so it goes...” . . #beachlife #workretreat #workhardplayhard #tribe #myperson #girlpower #thatoilylife #motherhoodandme