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When they say that the morning of your wedding will go so quickly, they mean it! I have picked up a few tips and tricks and have a few pieces of advice that I feel are really important to know for the morning of your wedding... • Make sure you eat • Whether you have time to go out for breakfast with the girls, make a lovely breakfast at home, or order breakfast grazing boxes, you have to eat something. Nerves can often make you lose your appetite, but it is so important to eat something before you walk down the isle. • Take a moment to ground yourself • Step outside for a moment and just stop. Take a deep breathe, sit in the silence and just relax. You are going to have a wonderful day, what will be, will be, and you need to let everything go and just enjoy your day. • Don’t focus on the weather • Some of the most beautiful wedding images I have seen are in stormy, rainy, cold weather. And the weather is one of the only aspects of your day that you cannot control, so don’t stress over it. Plus, rain on your wedding day is meant to be good luck. • Dont stress if something isn’t going as you planned • The day is here, everything will work out in the end, so don’t sweat the small stuff. If you’ve planned out your morning with a run sheet and timing of when all events are meant to happen, just know that if it all doesn’t run as you planned, that’s okay and it will still all work out in the end. • Enjoy it • You’re the bride; enjoy your day. Appreciate the people around you, have fun and just enjoy yourself. Your wedding day is full of so much love, and it’s all for you.