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TODAY’S LOOK!!! Almost ALL ShadowSense!!! We’re talking all about the versatility of ShadowSense in my VIP Community today! (That’s where the Madness is going down, if you aren’t there yet, get there!!!) ShadowSense used: Candlelight and Snow for dark circle correction Candlelight as lid primer Smoked Topaz for brows Dusk Shimmer for shadow (all over lid and in/above crease) Cinnamon Shimmer for shadow (outer corner) Lime Shimmer for shadow (inner corner) Natural Tan for face contour Rosa for Blush Other products used: Light CCTM and Buff Foundation Lash Primer and VolumeIntense Mascara (Black waterproof) Natural Powder to set, and a touch of Bronze powder because I’m looking soooo pale! Citrus Grove Gloss See how versatile ShadowSense is though?! You can use it for almost EVERYTHING! 🙌 Check my Stories if you haven’t yet! This is one of my FAVORITE looks to do in the warmer months! I love the warm, almost Smokey eye using the Dusk and Cinnamon. Then a fun, but subtle pop of color with the Like Shimmer! And Rosa is one of my LOVES!!! I used Rosa A LOT last spring/summer and I’m bringing her back out! 🌹 ☀️ #senegence #senegenceinternational #mysenelook #lipsense #makeup #motd #lotd #makeupinspiration #beauty #beautyinspo #makeupinspo #smudgeproofmakeup #longlastingmakeup #veganmakeup #veganskincare #entrepreneur #workfromhomemom #workfromhomemomlife #momlife #beautymama  #beautyblogger #duskshimmershadowsense #cinnamonshimmershadowsense #limeshimmershadowsense #shadowsense
Confession: I sent this photo to my husband with the caption, “New swimsuit! ...Sorry I’m overweight right now. :/ “ . Truth be told, I HATE my flabby arms right now, and my poochy stomach, and my cellulite-covered legs. . I haven’t really gotten off my butt to exercise or do ANYTHING physical since my oldest daughter was diagnosed with cancer and subsequently passed. I’m still learning to live again...let alone thrive. I think some of my flab represents where I’ve been, and I’m not ready to shake it off yet, though I wish I were more sleek. . But! Look at my youngest daughter, watching me in this picture. She never leaves my side. What kind of message am I sending to her, if I don’t embrace who I am and what I look like RIGHT NOW?! . That doesn’t mean I can’t have goals. But it does mean I should be looking in the mirror differently right now. Perfection is relative to the standards you set yourself against. I’ve never been physically fit or sporty, it’s not really why is that even my standard? . When I look at this picture now, I see a sexy glow and sexy curves that prove I’m a mom of 4. I see myself on the beach having fun with my kids, instead of worrying what I look like. I see my husband whistling when I bend over to pick something up, and realize I never needed to “apologize” to him, or myself. . Just wanted to put that out there today. Let’s embrace ourselves where we are! Messy bathroom mirror and all! 😜💓 . . . . #bodypositivity #motherhood #momlife #childhoodcancerawareness #childhoodcancer #lipsense #lipsensedistributor #senegencepearlizer #cctm #holygrailmakeup