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I just want to take a minute to recognize the amazingness that has come from not only my personal, local community, but the socials community as well, particularly IG. Since diving head first into social marketing, building our audience, and sharing about our life here on the farm - we have received so much love and support along the way! Friends that support every move we make and help keep our feet grounded. Long time acquaintances that send us messages, support us when they can, and interact with us on social media. New “friends” we’ve not met in person and only had conversations with on the web. The outpouring of love and support is astounding and humbling. These little succulent cuttings were sent from one of those “new friends” @shortiesfunnyfarm to me just because - because we connected over house plants I made a post about, because she’s an awesome person and just wanted to share with someone who would appreciate it, just because! Y’all and this is all over the farm and homestead world in social media land. I’m sure other niches are the same, but omg the love throughout this community is so genuine and mind blowing. There are others that truly want you to succeed without thinking of the competition you may bring. This includes local farmers too. We’ve had several reach out to collab or chat and it’s so heart warming, especially during these crazy times, when everything seems so divided. I’m honored to be a part of this crazy, loving community and excited to see what’s to come! #spreadthelove #hookfamilyfarm #HFFCSA #groworganic #sustainable #biodiverse #homestead #growfoodnotlawns #supportlocal #supportlocalfarms #livingsoil #delaware #flowers #vegetables #fruits #herbs #bethanybeach #fenwick #rehobothbeach #lewesdelaware #oceancitymaryland #berlinmaryland #growbuildraise #growsustaineducate #community #supporteachother #communitylove #friendshipovercompetition #spreadlove #spreadkindness @shortiesfunnyfarm @shootingstaracres @growbuildraise @parsonsfarmsproduce @alexissouthward @lizardcannaqueen @lauratyhacz @brittinghamfarms @watergirlfarm @waterlilibethanybeach @onecoastalfarmandkitchen @kellyrobertswellness @nicefarms