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Autism Awareness Story 2 Today you will be reading and hearing about the story of Lisa and her family. Lisa has twin sons who are both on the Autistic Spectrum, Rhys and Steffan. Rhys also has a diagnosis of severe learning difficulties, global development delay 15q 13.3 Microdeletion Syndrome. Steffan also has other diagnoses which are; 15q 13.3 Microdeletion Syndrome, learning difficulties, global development delay and sensory processing issues. Due to their needs both boys attend a school for boys with special needs. Rhys, the older twin was diagnosed when he was 4 years old, Steffan is going through the process of being diagnosed now. Lisa shared that when Rhys was first diagnosed with Autism, she and her family didn't know what this meant and how Autism would affect him. It took alot of reading, going to different workshops to find out how to cope. Rhys is non-verbal and uses a communication aid (tablet) and mostly lives in a little bubble on his own. He loves trains, books about animals, dinosaurs and his iPad. Rhys is very loving but everything has to be on his terms. Steffan is quite the opposite to Rhys. He is very talkative if he is comfortable with you. He loves playing with his toys. Steffan chronological age is a lot higher than his developmental abilities. Steffan acts a lot younger than his age and is always very anxious. Steffan and Rhys disabilities affect the whole family which consists of their mum, father, brother, sister and her husband and their 3 year old son, as well as Lisa’s fiance. Lisa has gone above and beyond to make sure her boys' needs are being met. Whatever Lisa and her family plan to do, they think, right, how is this going to affect the boys? Will they cope? The biggest problem is that although they are nearly 12 they don't act this age and people do tend to judge them by this because they look “normal”. Lisa shared that some days can be horrendous but small steps are wonderful. #prettylittlescentedwax #waxmelts #autism #autismfamily #autismlife #autismacceptence #autismawarness #autisticlife #autistickids #mircodeletionsyndrome #loveaustim #family #love #rasingawareness
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🙌‘SHOUT OUT SATURDAY!’🙌 ✨‘STRONG BUT SUFFERING!’✨ TO HAVE YOUR SHOUT OUT PLEASE DM ME! This is @diamondef my first SHOUT OUT! I'm Rachel, I have 3 children with varingly complex needs, an incredible life partner and a loving pom. WHAT YOU DO? I work remotely for the government. I still like to paint, sew and bake. I haven't given them up entirely as they are all things I can do at home even if it's not often. DIAGNOSIS? Looking back it's painfully obvious (pun intended) that I was born with EDS. I initially became unbearably ill in 2015 while going through an abusive divorce and was diagnosed with endometriosis. By the time that was treated with a laparoscopy the intense pain and stress had taken to much of a toll and I was subsequently diagnosed with ME and Fibromyalgia. HOW YOU SUFFER? It's been a long journey of learning and acceptance as I have been in pain my whole life, 'getting on' with stuff anyway was my normal so to be effectively incapacitated was immensely frustrating. My career was being derailed by unsupportive management, my family were really scared for me and honestly so was I. I vary from bedbound to housebound to wheelchair bound, depending on the intensity of my symptoms. POSITIVITY? I've had an interesting life which developed some useful skills like problem solving, resilience and tenacity. That's how I pull myself through. Over the course of 3 years I stopped trying to progress my career and started moving myself into more supportive work environments until I could do the work I love from home. This has absolutely saved me and I still maintain some independence, even when my partner has to carry me to the bathroom! Lol And that's my secret weapon. My partner. He adores me, and makes a show of 'spoiling' me so its positive instead of ''oh shit I can't even get my own drink'' its "I'm so loved and taken care of". Everyday he tells me he's proud of me and every day I tell him I appreciate him. #strongbutsuffering #strongandsuffering #shoutoutsaturday #togetherwearestronger #rasingawareness