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As requested by @jakeelocke we head back to 2014. Album: Let The Ocean Take me by @theamityaffliction released on @unified_mg and @roadrunnerrecords Expectations: I’m not a music expert, I’m a music lover, having said that, I’ve heard of @theamityaffliction and I’m 90% sure I knew they were Australian, but I’m not convinced I know any of their stuff, So what do I expect, umm the album is listed as “metalcore” so I’m expecting metal! Fun fact: this was the first album to feature new guitarist @danielkennethbrown while also being the last album to feature founding lead guitarist Troy Brady. Thoughts: So this is taking me back to my late teens early 20s, at first I was thinking this sounds like a bit screamier version of like @systemofadown or @disturbed but as I was adding every song to my playlist i realised what it actually reminds me of is a darker heavier version of some of @linkinpark when @chesterbe would do his screaming, but the subject material and what not, it hits me deep and hard, I’m loving this while also being saddened by it, not one track can I say I dislike, I get the screaming isn’t for everyone, but listen past the first 20 seconds of each song and it’s totally different with an actually singing voice. Best Track: Pittsburgh Rating: 7.5/10 Final Thoughts: instrument wise no problem, song topics hit close to home so perfect, vocals slight personal issue, not saying the band needs to change, they are who they are and we won’t all love it or hate it, but me personally I enjoy a good scream song when the mood hits, I’m definitely one of those put angry music on and step in front of a boxing bag type folk deep down, but lyrically I don’t think the screaming/yelling vocals was needed in every song, but that’s just me and they are the ones making the money off it and being themselves so well done to them Would I buy this? Yea I reckon so. Peace and love y’all ✌🏻❤️ #peace #love #happy #smile #family #photo #photography #photooftheday #art #like #live #music #rap #rock #hiphop #country #pop #metal #guitar #drums #vocals #instagram #instadaily #instagood #insta #instamood #instalike #follow #followme #theamityaffliction