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Hi Instafam! I’ve had a few new followers recently and I haven’t done a family dedicated post for a while now so I thought I’d jump on here and introduce ourselves 🥰 I’m Ashleigh😊 I’m a qualified Makeup artist and a total beauty enthusiast - I run my own freelancing business over on @ashleighbrookeartistry but aside from that and most importantly I’m a Mum of two gorgeous girls - Everleigh (5) and Aspen (1) and Wife of George. George is a full time Engineer as well as a Volunteer Recruit Firefighter, so as you can imagine our house is always busy between the two of us. We have been together for 8 years and married for 3 🥰 Everleigh is our wild child first born and total Daddy’s girl. She has such a big personality and is just whole heartedly herself - Sassy, Independent, Stubborn, Outgoing & kind. She just loves the outdoors, being active, art, & cheerleading and is the best big sister. Aspen is our rainbow babe who came after loss and a good while of trying. Our little lockdown baby is definitely a Mamas girl but just absolutely loves everyone. She is such a smiley and content wee babe and adores her sister, they are the sweetest duo. My Instagram focuses on Motherhood, Lifestyle and self love - non sugar coated. I have many stories to tell but for today I’m going to leave it short and sweet 🥰 If you’re new here I’d love for you to drop a comment below and say hi! 👋🏼 I can’t wait to get to know you and thank you for following along on my journey! Ashleigh x
We asked #bereavedmothers from our community for suggestions on how to navigate Mother's Day, a season that can be very difficult for those who've lost babies. We're sharing some of their responses in hopes that the day will become a little more manageable and gentle on grieving hearts. ✨ "...It's tricky because I want to celebrate my mother and my living children are so excited to celebrate me. This year my mom, my sister, and I are going out together on Saturday instead. Hoping it can become a tradition. That way if Sunday is a hard day for me the pressure's off." - Lindsey D. ✨ "Having lost my son Jacob and my own Mother, #MothersDay is an especially hard day. My daughter gets to celebrate me on Saturday, and Sunday is a 'Mommy' day (where I mostly lay in bed or do something for myself/by myself)." - Monica. ✨ "Don’t go on social media [#MothersDay] weekend. Make it a day dedicated to self-care: meditation, yoga at home, diffuse oils, face masks, light a candle for your babies, write in your journal, and read poetry." - Amanda S. ✨ "I also think quiet time like solo walk or hike first thing in the day is what calms me and helps me let go of the 'expectations' of what #MothersDay / weekend should be like. It has allowed me to make time with my angel and myself before the day gets busy. Self care is so important on significant holidays whatever form that looks like for you." - Domenique R. ✨ "I would say go to your peaceful place and just be. Makes me think of retreat honestly. I would go sit by my fav river or beach alone." - Jessica C. ✨ "It’s okay to say no to family events if you don’t want to go. I agree with Jessica about taking time to sit and just be - wherever your go-to place is." - Caitlin M. ✨ "I agree with the others. Take the time for yourself, whether that means going to get a massage or just staying in bed the whole day. There’s no right or wrong way." - Sara H. ✨ If you need additional support today or at any point on your grieving journey, we're here for you with resources created by other mothers just a few steps ahead in the process. Wishing each of you a gentle Mother’s Day. With Love, Kiley & the RTZ Community
This is a comment I received a week ago. If only this woman could have walked in my path she would see that my teenage years were filled with fear. Fear of never knowing if I could have biological kids of my own. Fear of knowing that I have this disease that is wrapped around my reproductive organs and possibly my other organs as well( Endometriosis). Fear of the unknown. Knowing my moms infertility journey (10 years) I thought I would walk the same path because like mother like daughter right? When I was 19, we started trying for a baby because we were ready for that beautiful journey and responsibility. People think just because I was young means it was a spur of the moment decision.. that couldn’t be more wrong! For 10 years (age 9) I knew I wanted kids and then when I became a teenager, I found out I have a disease that runs in my family. That played a huge role in trying young. Low and behold, we conceived on the 2nd month and had her when I was 19. That was Gods timing not ours. When we started trying for our next baby, it wasn’t so easy.. 12 months had come and gone. One miscarriage and negative after negative for a year.. on the 12th month, we conceived but it wasn’t easy by ANY stretch of the imagination. Yes, I’m lucky and I know that which is why this comment hurt me so deeply because it wasn’t like we were stupid teenagers who didn’t use protection, we were trying with both of our kids and I’ve never talked about this besides in my stories a week ago when I got this comment but when we start trying for our next and last baby, I will have to have surgery to remove my endometriosis just to try for another. I’m gonna say it again.. I will have to have surgery just to have another baby. So no, it’s not as easy as us just doing the deed.. it takes more than that. I have compassion for those who are TTC because I’ve been in your position but me having kids young is not an attack on you because you’re older and want kids. It was pure luck and a lot of TTC to make the beautiful kids I have. No one deserves to have kids more because they’re older.