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FAMILY | TRIPS Takeaways from driving to Bicol twice within the past 2 weeks: 1. Bituka ng Manok at Quezon National Forest Park, Pagbilao Quezon. Super sharp turns in this zigzag road. You can see the road going left and right on the side of the mountain when you look up. This road is manned 24/7. The people are there to enforce the traffic, ensuring that only one direction of traffic passes through the sharp curves at any given time. Cars need to switch to the outer lane when managing the turns to prevent the tires from losing their grip on the road. Treacherous but beautiful. Navigate with caution. 2. Prepare the kids to prevent motion sickness. As we were nearing the zigzag road, I gave the kids a pep talk on how to avoid getting dizzy from the car ride. I instructed them to either just look straight towards the road or to look at the scenic mountain ranges. DO NOT look towards the side that’s against the mountain. Looking at the wall of mountain right beside our moving vehicle is a sure fire way to get yourself dizzy and consequently hurling out your lunch. It’s a long drive and we wanted to make it as pleasant as possible. Having a headache with another 8 hours of driving to go would have made the trip miserable. The kids sipping on their jelly beans also added to their pleasantries. 3. Night drive vs. day drive. I drove at night during my first trip. Benefits of driving at night are less cars, less trucks, and no tricycles. Being able to see the headlights of incoming cars from farther away makes overtaking easier to manage. It was a day drive for my second time around. While the drive took much longer, fighting off sleep was not a factor. We were also able to enjoy the sights passing through national parks, seaside roads, forests, rice fields, and mountains. There were also a lot more open restaurants and comfort rooms for stopovers. #SulitAdventures #SKulits #RoadTrip #Quezon #Bicol #Sorsogon #Anniversary2019 #BitukaNgManok #QuezonNationalForestPark