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#punkrock We are finally back with a new episode this Sunday Night! If you are unfamiliar with the podcast, you have just over 48 hours to binge all of the episodes. Some of the guests included on the first 26 episodes are Rob Antonucci (Achilles, Longest War, Union, Dead to the World, Building on Fire), Mike Jeffers (Dead to the World, Longest War, Union, GOA, Juggernaut, Wrong the Oppressor), Bill Page (Lockjaw, Wrong the Oppressor, Killshot), Jim Callahan (Moment of Truth, Fallguy, Obsessor), Greg Benoit (Stars Shall Fall, Witness, Rochester Hardcore History), Chris Ring (After Dark Entertainment), Ruben Lipkind (Infamous, Chosen Ones), Brendan Porray (Contempt, Borrowed Time, Sheer Terror), Kevin Mahoney (Roses Are Red, Heavy Hearted, Holy War, Joywave), Jesse Muscato (Buried Alive, Heavy Hearted, Kid Gorgeous, Pure Heel), Scott Vogel (Slugfest, Despair, Buried Alive, Terror), Patrick Martin (Gamewinner, End It), Jim Byrne (Something Sacred, Borrowed Time), Standfast (Rory Van Grol and Brian Van Etten), Mark Miller (Black X), Kevin Wilcox (The Dents, UV Rays, Suburban Resistance), Jay Galvin (Slugfest, Bleed for Me, Pissing Match, Pure Heel), Ryan Canavan (Hex Records, The Funeral, No Idols, Dialysis), Ben Keefe (Project Grizzly, Bob Barker and the Womanizers), Josh Lyons (I make the podcast, Rob Antonucci interviewed me for an episode), and Daryl Taberski (Snapcase). Streaming everywhere! #EnterpriseHardcorePodcast #Hardcore #PunkRock #podcast #snapcase #terror #rochesterhardcore #buffalostyle #buffalohardcore