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Deep Conditioning ( what we sometimes refer to as “steaming”) provides a preventable measure for your hair so that when you Style, wash& manipulate your hair, there is as little damage as possible. It should be a consistent part of your regimen irrespective of the season. Haprian Deep Conditooner improves hair strength& elasticity by balancing water levels in hair fibers. Hair strength depends on Cuticle integrity and amount of water in the fibers. Moisture is important to maintain healthy hair as it keeps it hydrated and helps retain shine & prevent dryness. Without water, your hair becomes dry & Brittle& much more prone to breakages. The protein and water in your hair actually go hand in hand in order to maintain optimal health. Water molecules bind with protein and so with the right balance of both , protein enables moisture to penetrate. Haprians Protein treatment helps to restore damaged hair. Because your hair is mainly made of protein, you need to ensure that you are following a hair routine which prevents protein loss as well as damage caused by heat styling, chemical treatments & environmental factors. When your hair is damaged ,the cuticle becomes weak and exposes the cortex. This leads to loss of protein which in turn causes fiber fractures and Split ends. How is your Protein-Moisture Balance ? Protein Treatment =ghc 30 Deep Conditioner=ghc 30 WhatsApp/Call =057 990 1009 #deepconditioning #protectivestyles #ghana🇬🇭 #proteintreatment #proteintreatments #hapriannaturals #deeptreatmentmasque
🇬🇧What are the telltale signs you need protein? For me it's definitely how quick I lose definition as you can see from the photos 😅 If you want more info on protein I have 3 videos on youtube (check out my stories, highlights or link in bio) relating to the topic 🥰 My fave ways to add protein into my hair: DIY gelatin treatment, @ecoslay matcha boost or doing an all protein washday with @kerotinhaircare or another go to for me is @floracurl 🇪🇦Cuáles son los signos reveladores de que tu pelo necesita proteínas? Para mí, definitivamente es lo rápido que pierdo la definición como se puede ver en las fotos 😅 Si quieres más información sobre proteínas, tengo 3 videos en youtube (mira mis historias, destacados o enlace en la biografía) relacionados con el tema 🥰 Mis formas favoritas de agregar proteínas a mi cabello: tratamiento de gelatina, @ecoslay matcha boost o hacer un día de lavado de proteínas con @kerotinhaircare u otra opción para mí es @floracurl P. D los señales que necesitas proteínas están en la tercera foto, como solo puedo subir 10 fotos lo tenía que hacer así 😅 #proteintreatment #proteintreatments #diyproteintreatment #gelatintreatment #ecoslay #matchaboost #kerotinhaircare #floracurl #proteinoverload #moistureoverload #proteinmoisturebalance #moistureproteinbalance #wavyhair #healthyhair #metodocurlygirl #metodocurlyhair #metodocurly #peloondulado #ondulada #onduladas #onduladas2abc #wavyhairresults #curlygirl #curlygirlmethod
We sensed that your hair has been crying out for help so we're back! How much did you miss Fro Friday let us know in the comments 💕 We do apologize for not being as active but we want to ensure we're not posting just because but taking the time to put out quality content. For this Fro Friday we'll be looking at understanding your hair type so you can figure out what it needs. That product is not doing anything for you because it's not targeting your specific needs. We're talking about protein and moisture and how you can tell which is needed and how your hair reacts to the moisture you give it. This is done through the Wet Strand Test and your Hair Porosity. Swipe to find out more!💁🏾‍♀️ For my Beyouties with low Porosity warm water while styling and conditioning and steaming your hair will be crucial to ensure that moisture is getting in. Seal the cuticles with cool water or cool air to ensure you lay them back down after they've been raised by the heat. Also products with humectants like honey, Aloe Vera and glycerin to name a few will be awesome to ensure your hair is attracting moisture. For my high porosity Beyouties heavy butters, creams and oils are your best friends to not only fill the cuticle but smooth and seal to ensure moisture is being kept in. Use as little heat as possible and if you frequently color, bleach or relax your hair ensure you're doing regular protein treatments because heat and chemicals will make your hair even more porous and weak. Based on what we've talked about today we'd love to hear what your hair has been telling you in the comments, share with a friend who can't seem to figure out her hair. . . . . . #hairporosity #proteintreatments #3cnaturalhair #4cnaturalhair #healthyhairjourney #blackwomenhairecare #naturalhaircareproducts #naturalhairinfluencer #naturalhairvlogger #growhealthynaturalhair
🇬🇧Sneak peak at this Friday's YouTube video where I will be doing a DIY gelatin treatment 😉 We'll be discussing: 📝What is a gelatin treatment 📝What it does 📝Signs your hair needs protein 📝How to make it 📝3 ways to do the treatment What's you fave DIY protein treatment? 👇🏻 I have hit 1k subscribers on YouTube and got 4k watch hours, which for those that don't know means I can soon put ads on my YouTube videos which I'm so excited for so THANK YOU!!! Because it wouldn't be possible without all of you who have supported me over on YouTube too🥰🥰🥳🥳 Thank you to everyone who has entered my @curlybox giveaway so far. REMINDER - if your account is private or you forgot to tag me in your stories send me a photo otherwise I won't see it ❤️❤️❤️ 🇪🇸Un pequeño vistazo del video de YouTube de este viernes donde haré un tratamiento de gelatina casera😉 Estaremos hablando de: 📝Qué es un tratamiento de gelatina 📝Qué hace 📝Señales que tu cabello necesita proteínas 📝Cómo hacerlo 📝3 formas de hacer el tratamiento Cuál es tu tratamiento de proteínas favorito? 👇🏻 Alcancé los 1000 suscriptores en YouTube y obtuve 4k horas de reproducción, lo que para aquellos que no lo saben significa que pronto podré poner anuncios en mis videos de YouTube, por lo que estoy muy emocionada, ¡¡¡GRACIAS !!! Porque no sería posible sin todos vosotros que también me han apoyado en YouTube🥰🥰🥳🥳 Gracias a todos los que han participado en mi sorteo @curlybox hasta ahora. RECORDATORIO: si su cuenta es privada o si olvidó etiquetarme en sus historias, envíeme una foto; de lo contrario, no la veré ❤️❤️❤️ #gelatintreatment #diyproteintreatment #highporosityhair #ricewater #ricewaterrinse #aphogee #sumilayi #highporosity #proteintreatment #proteintreatments #mushyhair #candyflosshair #wetfrizz #frizzyhair #frizz #wavyhair #proteinboost #wavyhairroutine #deepconditioning #longwavyhair #voluminoushair #mermaidhair #wavycommunity #wavymethod #wavygirlmethod #curlfriends #wavyhairresults