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Welcome back to #SuaveSaturdays! STYLE TIP - Avoid These 2 Fatal Style Mistakes Gentlemen, we know you want to look your best and always take your style seriously. That's why, we are bringing to you two fatal style mistakes we want to help you avoid! Read on! MISTAKE #1 - WEARING CLOTHES TOO BIG/SMALL We know this one may be pretty self explanatory, but it's still one of the biggest style mistakes we see. In last week's post, we told you to get rid of clothing too big/small, so hopefully most of you won't be making this mistake anymore! Wearing something too big drowns you out, reduces your shape to a blob, and makes you look larger than you are. On the flip side, smaller items will ride up in the wrong spots, make you uncomfortable, and will also distort your body shape as well. MISTAKE #2 - WEARING DIRTY & BEATEN UP FOOTWEAR Believe it or not, people pay a lot of attention to the shoes you're wearing. Your shoes provide the base of your look and keep the flow going of your outfit, so they are integral to your overall style. Your flow can be easily ruined by dirty, scuffed, and old looking shoes. If your budget is limited, instead of investing in a ton of shoes, invest in a few good quality pairs for different looks, and also products to help keep them looking great: shoe trees, brushes, shine, polish etc. If you want some 1-1 help on finding your personal style and avoiding these mistakes, order our premium men's virtual styling service today! Head to to learn more! (all photo copyrights belong to owners)