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Terraforming Mars 🚀 by Stronghold Games & Fryx Games. Earth is overpopulated and running out of researches and the World Government is looking to find a new home to save humanity. 👨🏻‍🚀 1-5 🛰 120 minutes ☄️ drafting, tile placement, player powers, set collection, end game bonuses Basically, every player starts with a corporation (and it’s starting resource/money bonus), a player board, and cubes of their colour. Project cards are distributed and players pay for each one they keep. Starting with the first player (which rotates every gen), during the action phase, players take turns doing 2 actions until they can’t anymore which included actions like playing a card, converting resources, claiming milestones or funding awards, etc. Once everyone has skipped, the production phase starts and players gain money and resellers equal to their production or TM rating. Game ends when the oxygen and temperature are maxed out, and all the ocean tiles have been placed which means you’ve terraformed Mars. Points are comprised of your TM rating, awards, milestones, tile placements on the map, and VP’s on cards you’ve played. Highest points, wins! I love the amount of choices in this game. The large amount of corporations to choose from makes every game slightly different by possibly changing up which resources you build up or what types of cards you keep, and huge amount of project means you can almost go several games and see new cards every time. I’ve played it quite a bit and still see a card I haven’t seen before, or have seen but never used and now I’m using it because of the corporation I’m with. Love the strategy, every game is always a close game in points, and it has quickly shot up to be in my top 10 of all time. . . . . #terraformingmars #mars #terraforming #terraform #space #spacex #spaceship #spacetravel #top10 #organizer #planet #boardgame #boardgames #boardgamegeek #bgg #boardgamepics #boardgamephotography #boardgameaddict #collection #games #dicegames #cardgames #boardgamesofinstagram #boardgamenight #boardgamepassion #boardgamephotos #juegodemesa