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I did this whole look with ShadowSense eye shadow, Lashsense mascara and CCTM (Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer)!! Peep the details of this look below! Look how versatile the shadows are! 😍 . . Besides on the eyes did you know that you can use our ShadowSense eye shadows all over your face?! . . What is this magic?! ShadowSense® Crème to Powder Eyeshadow: -Experience long-lasting, rich eye shadow shades that start as a crème and finish as a powder on the eyes. -Shades can be worn separately or blended to create new colors and looks. -Choose from Matte, Shimmer or Glitter shades -Use to accent, highlight, contour or line eyes -Formula includes anti-aging SenePlex Complex™ for protection of the delicate eye area -You can easily mix shades as well! 🙌🏽 . . Details on this look: LIPS: Bella Cream ShadowSense Brows: Rustic Brown ShadowSense Highlight: Sandstone Pearl Shimmer ShadowSense -Under eye highlight: Natural Tan ShadowSense & Whisper Pink ShadowSense mixed Contour: Rustic Brown ShadowSense Blush: Bella Cream ShadowSense Bronzer: Americano ShadowSense EYES: -all over: Bella Cream ShadowSense -Outer Corner: Rustic Brown ShadowSense -lid: Sandstone Pearl Shimmer ShadowSense -inner Corner: Sandstone Pearl Shimmer ShadowSense -Liner: Rustic Brown ShadowSense . . . . . #ravishinglipsbyleangelique #mysenelook #fulleyeshadowface #alleyeshadow #iloveyeshadow #wocmakeuptutorials #wocsenegence #senegencewoc #brownsenegencedistributor #blacksenegencedistrubutor #mua #azmua #senegencemua #glowup #thathighlighttho #highlightandcontour #shadowsense #wakeupandmakeup #brownbeauty #versitilemakeup #makeup #antiagingmakeup #beautyguru #blackbeautyguru #curlygirl
TODAY’S LOOK!!! Almost ALL ShadowSense!!! We’re talking all about the versatility of ShadowSense in my VIP Community today! (That’s where the Madness is going down, if you aren’t there yet, get there!!!) ShadowSense used: Candlelight and Snow for dark circle correction Candlelight as lid primer Smoked Topaz for brows Dusk Shimmer for shadow (all over lid and in/above crease) Cinnamon Shimmer for shadow (outer corner) Lime Shimmer for shadow (inner corner) Natural Tan for face contour Rosa for Blush Other products used: Light CCTM and Buff Foundation Lash Primer and VolumeIntense Mascara (Black waterproof) Natural Powder to set, and a touch of Bronze powder because I’m looking soooo pale! Citrus Grove Gloss See how versatile ShadowSense is though?! You can use it for almost EVERYTHING! 🙌 Check my Stories if you haven’t yet! This is one of my FAVORITE looks to do in the warmer months! I love the warm, almost Smokey eye using the Dusk and Cinnamon. Then a fun, but subtle pop of color with the Like Shimmer! And Rosa is one of my LOVES!!! I used Rosa A LOT last spring/summer and I’m bringing her back out! 🌹 ☀️ #senegence #senegenceinternational #mysenelook #lipsense #makeup #motd #lotd #makeupinspiration #beauty #beautyinspo #makeupinspo #smudgeproofmakeup #longlastingmakeup #veganmakeup #veganskincare #entrepreneur #workfromhomemom #workfromhomemomlife #momlife #beautymama  #beautyblogger #duskshimmershadowsense #cinnamonshimmershadowsense #limeshimmershadowsense #shadowsense
I can't stress enough what getting yourself together can do for your spirits! I used to be so afraid to post before pictures because let's be honest, they are not always pretty. It's that time of the month coming up, my skin is read, I have scars, healing blemishes, over plucked brows, blonde lashes that are hard to see without mascara. I could sit there and pick myself apart for my imperfections, or I could get myself together by treating and taking care of my skin and then throwing myself together so I feel a little more confident. Yesterday I let the day get away and didn't maintenance myself. After having a pep talk with my hubby last night I decided no more! Time to get up early, workout, shower and get to work in the am before being Mom and Teacher! If I want to truly take care of my kids and be the best mom I can, I NEED to take care of me first. Everyday you have a choice! Some days I rock no makeup because it's how I learn to accept and embrace my imperfections and let me tell you that is SO hard to do, especially when you feel like you are still struggling with teenage skin BUT let me tell you, working to love ALL aspects of yourself takes consistency and showing up everyday, and that's exactly what I intend to do! 😘 I hope this inspires someone who needs it, to do the same! 🙏🏻💙 . #mysenelook #beforeandafter #transformation #lovetheskinyourein #acnepositive #senegencecosmetics #bigapplelipsense #shadowsense #therealreal #imperfectionsarebeautiful #taketimeforyourself