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To Infinity & Beyond! 🌌 #SoCecy Of course I wasn't going to downgrade this powerhouse. Swipe to see original. This print is unanimously the kids' favorite. And that space suit is quilted, it was like putting Barbie in a sleeping bag and tying at the neck. ☆ I would like to use this post to bring to ATTENTION that this page has had a name change as I found the previous name more fitting for another project I have started. Nothing else has changed. The purpose of this page is still to inspire creativity. Not just in children, but mostly in adults. Play is a great way to trigger imagination and creativity. At times as children we didn't get the chance to fully engage in play as we should, and imagination and creativity are fundamental tools for a healthy nervous system and wholesome life. ♡@cecina002 If you know of a child, or adult with needs (play heals) that has never had a doll, please let me know. I will send them a doll with an exclusive outfit. If you would like to purchase doll clothes, please contact me. Thanks for liking my creations made by hand with lots of love. (Clothes are of great quality fabrics, have reinforced stitching, and are ready to be played with. However, I have never picked up a mold or looked at a sewing magazine or video. Self taught with love always in mind.) #ToInfinityAndBeyond #OutOfThisWorld #INeedMoreSpace #DollDresses #DollClothes #MadeWithLove #Play #Heal #Creativity #Imagination #HigherMindInLove @SoCecy