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In case you guys haven’t noticed, my family is my biggest motivation, and I’ve got QUITE a BIG family! But, I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for one person- most of you know her as Robin Dalusung, but my sister and I are the 2 lucky ones who call her #mom. Even though dad died over 10 years ago, her loyalty to him has stayed the same. She has loved me at my darkest when and no one else did including myself, cheered the loudest in all my achievements (even the little ones), she’s taken care of my children like they were her own (and probably a little better!), and taught me that it’s okay to not have it all figured out and that there’s nothing wrong with being pretty. She is killing it in her IT career, I’m probably one of the few millennials who calls their mom when they have computer troubles- yet still finds time after work to babysit grandkids and volunteer with the church. She’s stands by her beliefs whether it be eating vegetarian or Catholic Catechism- but will be the last person on earth to judge you or make you feel bad about yours. Day in and day out, she finds the strength to pour from her cup even if it’s empty and will drop what she’s doing to come to your aid if she has the means to do so (and sometimes when she doesn’t). She epitomizes #unconditionallove and #strength and always seems to find a way to dance through every storm. She might look like a softy, and that she is, but she also works hard, plays harder, is independent, kind, loving, caring, and loyal but doesn’t take crap from anyone. And, knows how to load, aim and shoot a shotgun! She’s got a dog, coffee, pink, flamingo loving soul with a little bit of hippie and a little bit of military. So if you’re feeling unmotivated today, in the words of my mother- “What are you gonna do kid? Sit there and cry? Get up and move forward!” #thecolonelsdaughter #mymom #morningmotivation #robin #itspecialist #alternativeeducation #computergeek #yourprimeisnow #loyallove #flaminglover #pink #coffeeaddict #alwayshascoffee #hunbleandkind #staymotivated #strongwoman #nana #hippiekid #catholic #doglover #onlydrinksstrongcoffee #wifemomboss #jessfoundhevan #mommabird #morningmotivation
Meet Carson. Carson is almost 5 years old. She is nonverbal. She wears diapers everyday. She still drinks a bottle every night for bed. She is often jumping up and down, swinging, rocking, spinning on her swing, turned upside down, or tilting her head. This is all part of sensory processing - as she needs an extra sense of input to regulate her vestibular system, or sensory integration - meaning this is her way of balancing the brain. Her repetitive behaviors are what some might know as “stimming” - short for self stimulation - to regulate ones self, which seems to help manage emotions and cope with overwhelming situations. Carson bangs her head when frustrated, which at times can cause injury, or randomly even when not triggered by any upsetting environmental disturbances. It can be really hard to pinpoint why Carson does some of these things because she can’t verbally explain or tell us what she needs or wants. She can’t express if she has a stomach ache, if she doesn’t feel well, if she wants something different to eat, if she’s upset, having a bad day, if she wants us to blow bubbles, or turn on a different movie, etc. so it’s a guessing game most of the time. Imagine You can’t talk, but you have a well-functioning mind and can understand people. Carson was diagnosed with autism at 24 months. Most of us know someone with autism, but don’t know what living with someone who has autism, is really like on a daily basis. The purpose of this month being autism acceptance, is to encourage others to take a deeper look into the lives of those living with or caring for someone with disabilities, and to educate in order to understand those whose reality is different than the norm. @paigetyska • • • #autismacceptance #autismspectrumdisorder #hairvalier #reality #educateyourself #ilovesomeonewithautism #wearealldifferent #differentisbeautiful #beauty #hairaccessories #autismawareness #loveher #hippiekid #reallife #reallove
2 weeks ago I changed my journey completely. Letting go of what I only knew. Many years of dedication and hard work. Hours upon hours in a gym. That was perfect for those moments. But, this present moment has no room. 🙏🏼 Many call me a quitter. A waste of time. A let down. 😠 I don’t think I’m a quitter or any of that. When I was in the gym I was the hardest working. I was present and kind to all. I can’t say that for all of you. My new journey is very unfamiliar. I don’t know where it’s going. What will be in the next 6 months or year. I’m still learning to decompress from years in the gym. To let go and truly enjoy this new moment. 💛 I think it took a lot of courage to speak up. To listen to my heart. I’m proud of my decision. I’m proud of listening and not continuing a path that doesn’t line up with my higher self. ❤️ Saying the words “I am done fencing” was the hardest bout I ever had. For all those who calll me names, talk down to me, and criticize my choices of my journey. I have to say CALM DOWN THE HATE! Those words you’re throwing are just your insecurities showing themselves to you threw me.  Let me tell you a secret...... Even if you’ve done something 8 years and put tons of time, effort an money into it. And, it stops feeling right. It no longer brings you the same happiness. You can stop! You can close that book and move on. Nothing is forever. ❤️ All we can do is what best for now. ❤️🙏🏼 Be kind stop the judgement🙏🏼🙏🏼#nojudgement #nojudgementzone #peace #journey #faith #path #end #newbeginnings #stopthehate #livepresent #inthemoment #dowhatyoulove #love #starseed #hippiekid