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7kg heavier & a whole lot of hipthrusts later👀 . Over 1.5 years between these pics 👉🏼 I am not genetically blessed with a big booty but I have trained my arse off (or trained my arse ON lol😏) to make some gains over the past few years. Yeah I’m bigger/ heavier/ carry more body fat but I am so cool with that: all about being #strongnotskinny ✌🏼 I LOVE having strong muscular legs and being able to lift heavy weights in the gym. If you want to feel truly EMPOWERED from the exercise you do, you need to move away from punishing yourself with hours of cardio and trying to burn off food you ate. You want to show up at the gym with the aim of improving and showing yourself that you are more than just what the mirror and the scale tell you!! . Set strength goals, push yourself out of your comfort zone, lift heavy shit!! Training with this mindset over exercising out of hate & punishment to your body is what will make you want to go back and stay consistent because you will feel empowered, strong & confident👸🏼 AND exercising with this mentality is how you are going to build your best body too! . 🙋🏼‍♀️MY BUILDING TIPS: - follow a structured programme & track your lifts! - Lift heavy and aim to improve every session - space protein out throughout the day - do not underestimate the importance of sleep, rest & recovery for muscle growth - eat nutrient dense foods and have a fibre intake goal - if you want to make a noticeable physique change, you cannot live in a deficit! maintenance calories is needed as a minimum for beginners and then for intermediate-advanced: about a 10% surplus is needed. However, more calories doesn’t mean more muscle - don’t over do cardio - have performance goals and PUSH YOURSELF OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE - some extra chub and curves is normal still makes you beautiful❣️ - be ok with delayed gratification. Direction is better than speed: as long as you’re ticking the boxes + being consistent you will get to your goals 💫 . If you need my help with your training / nutrition, click the link in my bio to enquire about Empower Online Coaching @emmafituk_ @empower_training 🥰