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3 week tiny posy 🌺 These days cut flowers from the shop are a rare treat, these were #gifted I love the beauty of a live display, but like most things unless you’ve done your homework they come at a cost Another billion dollar business creating a serious carbon footprint. Currently 80/90% of the UKs flowers are imports, Netherlands remain the mecca for blooms but some are coming from as far as Africa and further. When you next have flowers give them the respect they deserve 👊🏻 don’t Chuck them as soon as they droop or a petal falls Make flowers last 🌸 choose the right vase so that you don’t over flood them 🌼 give them fresh water regularly 🌺 remove excess foliage and dead leaves as they appear 🌼 don’t display in direct sunlight - remember these guys have travelled far in chilled transporters (that’s why some buds have opened by the time your home, unless you’re driving a fridge) 🌺 Finally just keep making your arrangement smaller and smaller until you really have got every last drop of pleasure from them It’s no surprise the waste created from this industry, so if you do buy flowers think twice.....preferably buy local, deffo buy fair trade and finally before you bin ‘because in general waste these will be off to landfill’ put them in garden waste or better compost them if you have the means #flowerwaste #flowercycling #importedflowers #grownnotflown #grownintheuk #reducewaste #compostable #reducelandfill #flowerjoy #cutflowers #vintagejug #vaseofflowers #showsomerespect #ranunculus #tulips #flowerposy #makingthingslast #ecolifestyle #greenmatters #lastinglonger #posy #makingflowerslast #livedisplay #fairyrade #ethicaltrading #consideredpurchase #buyflowers #buylocal #giveflowers
You know that feeling when you see a piece of clothing or a pair of shoes and you absolutely have to have them?? You think about them for weeks, maybe months, sometimes years! That’s what happened the first time I saw @therootcollective’s Olive Lizzies and this skirt I’m obsessed with from @anntaylor. It's Day 2 of the #TRCFashRevStyleChallenge and the prompt is Copy Cat. My copy cat image is the first time I saw this Flounce Maxi Skirt in Midnight Sky. We are all so unique and have our own personalities and styles, but sometimes you have to #supersizethelook a la @katiesturino ;) I paired the skirt with my Navy Lizzies for this challenge and in the winter I wear it with tall suede cream booties. I love my @therootcollective shoes because they adapt perfectly no matter what style I go for and I know that the people who made them were paid fairly and treated with respect. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with most fashion brands today. So even when I absolutely fall in love with something I try to make sure I know where it came from and how it was made. For most brands, in order to provide high volumes of products for low prices, workers are often barely paid, terribly treated, and exploited for their vulnerabilities. I fight against this by supporting ethical brands like @therootcollective whenever I can! Even just one purchase can make a huge difference! #TRCFashRevStyleChallenge #therootcollective #outfitoftheday#day2 #copycat #ispy #lookIreallyloveshoesandclothes #shopsmart #fairyrade #ethicalfashion Top: my moms sweater!! Skirt: @anntaylor Booties: @therootcollective Belt: thrifted in Dublin Ireland Earrings: Handmade in Montana!