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3/7/2021 ✨ Day 66/66! 😱 Last day of the #gymshark66 challenge! Man, where has time go! It just flew on by 💨. This challenge taught me a lot though. First Goal: 🤍 Staying Healthy: I’m going, to be honest, this goal was my hardest! I just love junk food 😂. But don’t get me wrong I haven’t had soda in these last 66 days just my @hydrojug filled with water and some sparkling water so I am definitely proud of myself. Also, I switch out most of my junk food with @smartsweets Or @chomps other things from @vitaminshoppe Or @gnclivewell. One thing I notice from actually eating healthy for a long time I don’t feel good once I start to eat badly. So I’m slowly switching over to staying eating healthy and maybe once in a while have a cheat meal. Definitely, thankful for this challenge for showing me that. Second Goal: 🤍 Staying Active: This goal I’m very proud of! I stayed consistent and disciplined with my workout split. I also took my actual rest days when needed. I haven’t seen much weight loss but I have seen myself toning up especially in my quads and biceps. Third Goal: 🤍 Staying Spiritually Fed: I’m falling in love with this goal. Waking up every day before work to read my Bible is like a fresh breathe of air. Starting off my day with the Lord, I would usually have a good day. With that being said, I am thankful for #gymshark66 for helping me to see my strengths and weaknesses for the year 2021. I’m still going to work on these especially staying healthy 🙂. So hey tomorrow is 67/66? Whose with me 🙋🏽‍♀️? Outfit: Adapt Ombré Seamless @gymsharkwomen 👟: @laneeight . . . #getleanwithbri #Gymshark66 #fitnessjourney #fitspo #blackgirlfitness #fitfam #discoverunder5k #fitnessmotivation #famfriday #healthylifestyle #healthymindset #fitnessgoals #explore #gymshark #gymsharkwomen #blackgirlmagic #blackwomenfitness #happysunday