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"Девушка, подающая надежды" @promisingyoungwoman (2020) чёрная комедия с элементами триллера Эмиральд Феннел по её же собственному оригинальному сценарию. ⠀ В главных ролях: Кэри Маллиган, Бо Бёрнэм (@@boburnham), Элисон Бри (@alisonbrie), Клэнси Браун (@therealclancybrown), Дженнифер Кулидж (@theofficialjencoolidge), Лаверн Кокс (@lavernecox), Крис Лоуэлл (@mrchrislowell), Конни Бриттон (@conniebritton), Адам Броди, Макс Гринфилд (@iammaxgreenfield), Кристофер Минц-Пласс, Сэм Ричардсон (@thesamrichardson), Альфред Молина, Молли Шеннон (@theofficialsuperstar), Стив Монро, Анджела Чжоу (@angelazhou). ⠀ Когда-то Кассандра училась в университете и подавала большие надежды, но теперь живёт с родителями и работает в кофейне. Девушка скрывает от близких, что по вечерам посещает бары и другие увеселительные заведения, где, притворяясь сильно пьяной, ведёт охоту на падких до беззащитных женщин мужчин. Вымещая злость на противоположном поле, таким образом Кассандра мстит за события студенческих лет. ⠀ Первоклассный дебют режиссёра и сценариста Эмиральд Феннел, которая при помощи провокационных тем, заставит вас смеяться над тем, на чем обычно смеяться не камильфо. ⠀ Кэри Маллиган играет здесь как-никогда не играла в своей карьере. Образ, который она воплотила в своего персонажа сексуальный и очень опасный для любителей 'лёгкой наживы'. 😏 ⠀ Сценарий на первый взгляд кажется простым, но имеет своё второе дно, за которым кроется крепкий фундамент в виде ответа на вопрос: "Что тут вообще происходит?". А финальный твист заставит вас в некоторой степени восхищаться таким продуманным персонажем, как Кассандра Томас. ⠀ Личная оценка: 8,0/10; ⠀ Мировой рейтинг: 1) Metacritic: 72/100 (41); 2) Rotten Tomatoes (@rottentomatoes): 91% (329); 3) IMDB (@imdb): 7,5/10 (40K); 4) Кинопоиск (@kinopoisk): 6,698/10 (10K); ⠀ #promisingyoungwoman #emeraldfennell #careymulligan #bobrnham #alisonbrie #clancybrown #jennifercoolidge #lavernecox #chrislowell #conniebritton #adambrody #maxgreenfield #christophermintzplasse #samrichardson #alfredmolina #mollyshannon #crime #криминал #drama #драма #thriller #триллер #review #рецензия #unitedstatesofamerica #cinema #movie #film #кино #фильм
PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN (2020) Written and Directed by Emerald Fennell • Starring Carey Mulligan, Bo Burnham, Laverne Cox, Alison Brie and Chris Lowell • FilmNation, LuckyChap, Focus Features . SUMMARY: Traumatized by her past a woman channels it into a revenge by luring sexually abusive men . THE STORY: A stylish, emotional and intriguing film this story addresses the all too common issue of sexual abuse, but continuously subverts your expectations and includes a few incredibly shocking moments. The story does an excellent job revealing information at key moments that make each reveal that much more impactful . THE ACTING: Carey Mulligan gives a tremendous performance with incredible range and a layered complexity as she hides her emotions, fakes vulnerability, snaps back with intimidation. She gets so much to do and delivers it all with incredible nuance. It’s a Mulligan showcase, but the support is strong, especially Burnham, but there are some stereotypical roles . THE LOOK: For the heavy subject matter there’s a great pop of color and stylish flare to the whole film and it does well to slowly tell you more of the story, even with subtle clues and some reoccurring themes like color signifiers and a poppy soundtrack with relevant lyrics. The costume design is also incredible at depicting the ranging state of the lead character . CRITICISMS: There’s a critical scene that will certainly be polarizing and I was very thrown off and distraught. It’s hard to talk without spoilers but it was frustratingly real when I wanted it to be more cinematic and satisfying. That being said I stand by the film’s decisions and applaud it for tasking risks and subverting my expectations and facing a heavy issue head on . SCORE: 8/10 . #promisingyoungwoman #careymulligan #emeraldfennell #promisingyoungwomanmovie #goldenglobes #bestactress #femaledirector #lavernecox #boburnham #alisonbrie #britneyspears #freebritney #britneyspearstoxic #candycolors #femalefilmaker #margorobbie #harleyquinn #revengefilm #metoo #femaleempowerment #careymulliganpromisingyoungwoman #careymulliganedit #endingexplained #moviereviews #2020movies #filmanalysis #filmstudents #moviereviews #filmunknown
#PromisingYoungWoman💋 es la ópera prima de #EmeraldFennell (más conocida como Camilla Parker-Bowles en #TheCrown) 💋Nominada a mejor película en los #GoldenGlobes, se destaca por ser esta comedia negra barra thriller vengativo con mucho rosa y una protagonista que atrapa la mirada del espectador constantemente. 💋Cassie es una joven mujer que dejó la universidad, vive con sus padres y trabaja en la cafetería de su amiga. Es medio ortiva pero se viste con colores pasteles y come golosinas. Por la noche tiene un objetivo muy claro: dejar en evidencia a los hombres que quieren aprovecharse de las mujeres. 💋La conocemos viendo una secuencia de situaciones muy incomodas e impotentes. Desconcertando tanto a las personas que la acompañaban en la escena como a los que estamos viendo la película. Sabemos que hay un motivo que la mueve a todo esto, un trauma que no puede dejar ir. 💋Los colores tan lindos junto a los planos perfectos chocaban contra el tono de suspenso de la situación. Y sumaron una versión de Toxic que 🤩 me volvió loca #Britneyteamo. #CareyMulligan tiene un range espectacularrrrr. Es una bomba 🔥 💋El final es impredecible. Literalmente te deja 😦. No creo que sea una película del gusto de todos. Pero su objetivo es abrirle los ojos a mucha gente y ojalá hay más de estas. #CarsuFact🎬 Margot Robbie es productora de esta peli ✨ No está en ninguna plataforma... yo la vi x #cuevana!
Reel and Roll's Top 10 Favourite Scenes of Awards Season⁣ ⁣ 4. Meeting with Dean Walker - ‘Promising Young Woman’⁣ ⁣ Now my REAL favourite scene in the film is difficult to discuss without taking into context the whole film, so I’ll stick with my favourite individual scene which encapsulates all the film’s best qualities in one package. As expected, a Carey Mulligan acting showcase where she really grips you and Connie Britton’s Dean Walker with the unrelenting tension crafted by her performance. That snap from cordial pleasantries to a brutal threatening of Walker all without even lifting a finger is incredible. Beyond that it involves such outstanding work by Emerald Fennell. As a screenwriter she makes the verbal sparring so engaging yet never overly stylised, and gets to the point of it all rather well over Walker’s hypocrisies with regard to how she handled Nina’s case. As a director there are so many brilliant touches like the building use of music, the quick almost comedic shot outside of the office, the buildup and release of tension. I love this scene. ⁣ ⁣ 3. ‘I’ll see you down the road’ - ‘Nomadland’ ⁣ ⁣ Was tempted to go with the beautiful one shot walking through the desert rendezvous, but given that I’ll be discussing that when it comes to looking at cinematography achievements of 2020, I’ll stick to a scene which is less overtly stylised, yet no less essential to Chloé Zhao’s directorial achievement, in a heart to heart between Frances McDormand’s Fern as she ruminates over memories of her late husband, and real-life nomad Bob Wells who gives a devastating personal anecdote about his son who committed suicide, and how he’s struggled to deal with this in alignment with his life principles. The message here might seem simple and routine - life goes on and we’ll see one another down the line - and possibly even saccharine, yet it never is in the hands of the two brilliant performances and Zhao’s sensitive direction which captures every bit of emotion from the scene without forcing her hand. A great scene in a film filled to the brim with them. ⁣ ⁣ #promisingyoungwoman #emeraldfennell #careymulligan #conniebritton #nomadlland #chloezhao #francesmcdorm