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Rome was not built in one day, a good life is compiled of many, many good days. Brick by brick, you lay down the foundation of a good life. If your structure is healthy, it can withstand adversity. Hence, it is essential to know what makes a good day. When you have a positive spiritual/mental/work/love/health/wealth/care/fun day, take note of the ingredients: the environment, people, food, sleep level, activities, weather, conversation, silence, etc. What goes on before and after? Put them together and see if they produce similar results. If you repeat enough times, you will get closer to your ideal life. Please don't take my word for it; try it for yourself. And that brings us to the Virgo Full Moon. The Full Moon in Virgo will occur at 8˚57", trine the innovative Uranus. An invitation for us to examine our daily life. Virgo is discernment. Examine the scaffolding, are they strong and sturdy enough? Or perhaps, more importantly, flexible enough? Meanwhile, we are still feeling the restless tension by the Saturn Uranus Square. This transit is about the collapse of the old and the desire for change, and it can be an extremely upsetting time, sudden changes that may take form in accidents or crises. It will happen two more times (on and around June 18 and December 24) this year. There are many ways this transit can manifest in your life. In any case, it does’t hurt to have an emergency plan. Do you know your neighbors? What is your insurance policy? Virgo is associated with service and dedication. If you're doing well and have the resources, consider helping people in need in your community.If you're experiencing setbacks, breakdowns, and obstacles during this time, I'm sorry. As upset as you might be, take note of what is going on; it is asking for your attention. Take care of them. Don't wait around for things to change. It doesn't have to be complicated, but it requires you to analyze yourself and your habits, let go of the bad ones. The Virgo Full Moon reminds us that sometimes a practical solution is a creative solution.  Contributor: @thisiswai