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I had one of those aha moments today. I have struggled to find things to do since moving to Colleyville and having two kids in college and one busy middle schooler. Who else has struggled with this ? I have been looking for something to get involved with. I kept seeing @houseofshine on Instagram. The name & colors caught my attention so I added it to my list of things to do. I fell in love with this place! @houseofshine is a nonprofit interactive museum. Their mission is to help people from 5-95 discover who they are. It’s a museum where you figure who you are and why you are important. We all need this!! I had two of my kids with me (12 & 22) and they both thoroughly enjoyed our visit. They had one wall with the words, “if you are looking for a sign, this is it” and it spoke to me. Has anyone else had an experience like this? I signed up to volunteer and start next week. I’m so excited about this organization. I think everyone needs to add this museum to their to do lists. Go volunteer “, take a class, shop in their shine store. I know when you go visit you will get something out of this amazing place. #tanyaslist #grapevinetx #thingstodoindallas #thingstodoingrapevinetx #museumday #dallastexas #instadfw #dallasblogger #dallassocial #visitdallas #dfw #thingstodoindfw #dallaslife #dfwblogger #instadallas #dallaslovelist #dallaslove #dallastour #dallasmuseums #dallasmoms #dallasmomblogger #colleyvillemoms #southlakemoms #grapevinetx
My weekend started today... THANK GOD! Today I’m putting in some work for my brand @kenishialashaybeauty which is my client page! If you guys didn’t know I am a Professional Makeup Artist part time. I’ve being doing makeup for a little over 6years. Makeup is and will forever be what makes me happy and my passion. After leaving my waxing appointment today and talking with my esthetician I definitely feel more ready to start back working on my business. Honestly I wasn’t putting my energy and time into because of COVID. Business started to get extremely slow for me. However looking back at my past clients and showing people my work, and them complementing me on my skills and me realizing how talented I am. That was all the fire I needed to get things back moving. I was really starting to talk myself into believing because of this pandemic that I can’t do what I love to do. But going into these salons and seeing people STILL getting hair, makeup, lashes etc. made me feel it’s still possible. After talking with my esthetician she inspired me to just start doing what I love and keep going. It’s was refreshing to talk business, getting advice from her and bouncing ideas off of each other. Today I’m am so beyond excited to get the ball rolling with my business again. CLARITY is what I got today. So with that being said...I’ll be sure to keep you guys in the loop with everything 💜 In the mean time go ahead and check out my client page @kenishialashaybeauty 💕 Let’s chat👯‍♀️ What’s something you’re passionate about? That you’ve been sleeping on 😴 Let me know in the comments🤗