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What I learned walking: Letting go of resistance through discomfort and letting the path become your purpose 🏔 You cannot walk 40 miles the same way you carry yourself through every day life. You would not make it past a few hours. 🙅🏼‍♀️ Nature will make you change and the path must become your purpose. And it does, with ease, if you let it. The anxiety of everyday life fades away and there is nothing to do but walk- no race to the end, no destination to hurry off to, just every step you take and every breath you breathe 🌬 Life suddenly becomes fuller, even though there are several harsh moments of discomfort and pain 💫 And there will be MANY- For starters, I nearly my pinky toe and separated my shoulder from my collarbone. I started my period 5 days early on the top of a mountain and had nothing but gauze in my pack 🤦🏼‍♀️ I walked 10 miles in flip flops because I couldn’t bear the pain of my boots anymore. 😣 But when the path is your purpose, these challenges are now met with acceptance. You will push yourself without complaint, as there literally is no other choice. You cannot give up and go back, you cannot lighten your pack 🎒 you cannot go drown in food/alcohol, you cannot have someone else carry you- there is no way to ease any discomfort except changing your mindset 🙌🏻 And you will, perhaps without even realizing it- because it would be very difficult to walk 40 miles with a bad attitude the entire time 😂. The weather, the terrain, that ache in your knee- you must accept it and keep moving. And you will soon find that despite any physical discomfort, the soul relaxes when you let go of resistance and you will be freer than you’ve ever been 🕊 Credits to: @b.remarkablemedia @beckermcguire Tramping companion 👩🏼‍🤝‍👨🏻 and talented videographer 🎥 #gonz #landscapesnz #explorelocalnz #ig_newzealand #NZImagery  #BestNewZealand #nzmustdo #passionpassport #wildernessculture #roamtheplanet #destinationnz #discovernewzealand #shopsmallnz #handmadeinnz #supportlocalnz #glampingnz #selflovejourney #ExploringOurGlobe  #EOGFavourites #travellife