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Big News! At Last, I am very excited and proud to share with you my most recent project collaboration, a short animated film "From Habitat to Community”. . It is a truly a career highlight and privilege to see my artwork come to life - especially in a way to help illustrate an important social cause. I had the awesome honour of working with @rasicpartners (Creative Direction) and the amazingly talented @bobconnellyrxtx (Animation Design) on this animated film to showcase how the illegal capture, removal and trafficking of wild animals from their natural habitat brings health risks to communities around the world. . This animation was created for the European Union in the framework of the project ‘Law Enforcement and Demand Management of Wildlife in Asia’ managed by the UNODC (United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime). The music was composed by Johnny Green @solopolymusic with Sound Design by Dave Robertson. . On the occasion of the World Wildlife Day on the 3 March, the European Union and its partners call for increased awareness about the links between wildlife trafficking and zoonotic diseases. Governments are committed to combat wildlife trafficking through stronger laws and enforcement operations. . But everyone needs to say NO to wildlife trafficking to prevent the next pandemic. . #nanamicowdroy #socialcause #nanamicowdroyart #2D #3D #worldwildlifeday #Animation #Artwork #Direction #Design #Creative #production #europeanunion #EU #Concept #rxtx #socialchange #UNODC #Illustration #Health #Advertising #Awareness #Prevention #blackandwhite #Art #Handdrawn #ink
Bamse – Världens starkaste björn (Swedish for 'Bamse – The World's Strongest Bear') is a Swedish cartoon created by Rune Andréasson. The highly popular children's cartoon first emerged as a series of television short films as well as a weekly half-page Sunday strip in 1966, before being published periodically in its own comic magazine since 1973.  Бамси (швед. Bamse, полное название «Бамси — самый сильный медведь в мире», швед. Bamse - Världens starkaste björn) — серия комиксов о медвежонке Бамси и его друзьях. По мотивам комиксов были сняты мультфильмы. Создан в Швеции в 1966 году, первоначально выходил по выходным на газетном развороте и был чрезвычайно популярен у детей. С 1973 года выпускался в виде отдельного комикса. Создатель Бамси — художник Рун Андреассон до 1975 года рисовал комиксы самостоятельно, до этого он уже создал несколько комиксов о медведях — Бруме, Тедди и Налле. В 1976 году к созданию комиксов был привлечён оформитель Франциско... Материал - скульптурный пластилин. Автор работы - Denis Sorokin. Ювелир, скульптор, художник.