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As a cosmetic gynecologist, I have seen a dramatic increase in the complaints about vaginal dryness, inability to enjoy sexual activity and achieve an orgasm for about a year. Stress of any kind can lead to a condition called dypareunia. Of course all of us are experiencing some levels of stress due to the COVID time and this could have a negative effect on our sexual life, so I feel I need educate patients about Vaginal Rejuvenation with platelets rich plasma. A simple, safe and painless procedure that is performed under local anesthesia. To collect plasma, a cosmetic gynecologist will draw your blood, which then is centrifuged by a special machine to separate PRP from the rest of blood 🩸 cells. When injected with a very small needle into the, previously numbed , vaginal and vulvar area, PRP breaks down into growth factors, which are compounds that help cells to renew and repair thus a healthy collagen tissue is produced. You should stop blood thinners, like aspirin and ibuprofen, also you should avoid Omega 3 a couple of days before the procedure. Try to eat before going for the procedure so you will decrease the possibility of getting light headed. You can shower after the procedure, but except some mild soreness for a day or so. You will be advised to avoid sexual intercourse and the use of tampons for 2-3 days. So now you had the procedure done, you should know that it takes 3-4 weeks to get initial results. *your blood 🩸, enhanced and easier to achieve orgasm *increases vaginal lubrication thus decreases pain during sexual activity due to vaginal dryness. *when injected into the vulvar area, it may decrease skin wrinkles for a better Aesthetic look. It also helps with symptoms of lichen sclerosis. *it may help in urinary incontinence. Call 📞 and book your appointment today at (718)743-3121 for a free consultation#prp #vaginalrejuvenation #dysperunia #lichensclerosis #urinaryincontinence #vaginalhealth #vaginalawareness #bettersex #confidence #multipleorgasms #skincare #cosmetics #aesthetic #antiaging #gynecologist #doctor #ny