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If you’ve ventured into astrology and tried to learn about the relationship of zodiacs and planets, no doubt it’s left you somewhat confused right? (or is it just me?! 😬) So we’ll try to keep it simple. Each zodiac is associated with a particular planet in our solar system. Technically speaking we should say celestial bodies instead of planets because the sun and moon are also in the mix. The planet or celestial body assigned to the zodiac is known as that zodiac’s ‘ruling planet’. There are some double ups as there are more zodiacs than there are planets, but it seems some of them are happy to share. Each planet, like any good superhero, has its own distinct qualities and characteristics in which it ‘lives’ by. For example, some of our planets’ different trademark qualities are emotions, communication, discipline or fantasy. Each planet's trademark quality essentially embodies the essence of each zodiac that they represent. Take Mars for instance. Mars characterises war and destruction. Sounds intense I know, but let’s break it down... Mars teams up with the zodiac Aries, meaning Aries also embodies the strong, passionate, heroic, determined qualities that Mars is all about when we say ‘war and destruction’. It’s really quite simple and beautiful! Of course it gets a bit more complicated than this, with astrological charts and planets constantly moving and different zodiac ‘houses’ etc etc. But we won’t go into any of that just now. Let’s stick with the simple and beautiful. This WHOLE month of March (besides our new and full moon rituals off course!) we will focus on these beautiful celestial bodies and their superhero qualities. We will go through each zodiac they are associated with and share with you the connections they hold. If you know your sun, moon and rising zodiac signs, stay tuned for their associated planetary information. Maybe you might just identify some of these qualities in yourself too! (Don’t worry, there’s more info in our previous posts if you want to know what a sun, moon or rising sign is!)