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Howdy. This espiside is brought to you by #dessertinatub . 😁 About 6 years ago, I made my lad some porridge for breakfast. It was oats, cream and coconut milk, dried fruit, and nuts. He took one look at it and said 'What the hell is that? That's not porridge!'. Turns out, his version of porridge was opening a sachet, adding water, blasting it in the microwave for 2 mins. Ta da. PORRIDGE. 🤔 I said that this is how I do it, so he said 'Goddamn it, why can't you make stuff without adding other stuff?!' Threw up his hands, walked away. I took the bowl to him and said 'C'mon man, this'd be like $12 at a cafe'. His reply? 'I DON'T CARE WHAT CHUMPS PAY FOR BREAKFAST!' with the addition of some gold medal stinkeye. 🤬 I needed an ice bath after that burn. 🤣 Reason I'm telling you this is because I'm still adding stuff to other stuff. Unrepentantly adding stuff like sauces, ripples, fudge pieces, donuts, marshmallows, pop rocks, etc. It's because to my mind, tubs that are like a dessert in a convenient package are pretty cool. Some of you know I used to work as a dessert chef, so that's where mah brain is at. So, I'm gonna add stuff to stuff if I think it works, and enjoy the results. Sometimes I'll even INHALE the results, cos why not? My tubs don't seem to give brain freeze, so happy days to that! 🥳 BRB, just off to add stuff to stuff. 😎 See you tonight for deliveries. 🤙 #tubsofhappy #bellazaicecream #buylocal