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HELLO #workingwomanwednesday we’re halfway through the work week and still so many tasks to check off my list requiring multitasking to get it all done but it will be done! This hard working momma urgently needed to refresh her work headshots and media pages to meet upcoming obligations but also wanted to get in some special shots with her twin girls. This is normally two separate sessions, but understanding that time is precious for us moms trying to juggle and multiple task and “get ‘er done” I was able to customize a package for her that would allow time to meet both needs. Apart if the struggle with getting portraits and scheduling sessions is the preparation! 1. I understand being pressed for time 2. not wanting to do hair and makeup for two separate sessions 3. find outfits to coordinate 4. AND wrangle in the kids for portraits How I can make it easier for you: offer some flexibility to help a fellow sister out and ease the burden by customizing your package. Refer you to a MUA and stylist to assist with getting you camera ready and make recommendations on how to get the kids to cooperate! But most importantly, making you feel at ease during your session ☺️ The end result - a happy client who was able to get all she needed with a quick turnaround 😄 Let me help you! #bookmenowthankmelater #picturingthemomentscapturingtheheart💛 #carmankphotography #milestonephotography #portraitphotography #brandingphotography #scphotographer #lakewyliephotographer #charlottephotographer #cloverphotogHer #rockhillphotograpHer #bfp #cltshooter #mochawomxnphotographers #blackfemaleentrepreneurs #blackwomxnphotograpgher #blackfemalephotographer #nikonUSA #PPA #ncphotographer