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📱iPhone vs. Android Phones: Which One Is Better?😄🤔 . . The age-old debate is back on! Which is better: iPhones or Android phones? I've seen and tried using both softwares, so today I'm going to compare the two!😄 Let's see which phone software will win!🤔 . . 📱1) Camera Quality I've taken photos using both Android phones and iPhones. And unfortunately for my fellow Android users iPhones do seem to offer a better camera quality. And it's not just their focus that's better. They also offer different photographical modes without lowering the photos' quality. This photo was taken with iPhone 11 Pro Max in Portrait Mode and it's such great quality!😄 📱2) Battery Here until very recently Android phones won the competition with their phones always having much better battery life. But along came iPhone 11 Pro Max with a battery life that's beaten almost all Android phones' battery life. 📱3) Compatibility Here the ultimate and inarguable winner is Android. You see, whenever you need to upload photos and files to and from a computer you can only connect iPhones to Apple laptops and use iTunes and iCloud to store or download files. However when using Android phones you can connect them to any kind of software. 📱4) Price This is another winning factor for Android phones!😎 They're usually cheaper than iPhones and therefore accessible to more people. 📱5) Memory Here iPhones once again beat Android phones with a bigger memory and the capability to store more apps on their devices by compressing their app sizes without compromising on their quality. 📱6) Design We all love a sleek and fashionable design in notebooks, clothes, phones. Some of us prefer more design variety, which is where Android phones win again! iPhones offer the same stylish but nearly identical design with few changes across its different versions while Android phones offer a huge variety of different designs both in their software and their outward appearance. . . 🤔It's really hard to choose a clear winner and if not for iPhone's incompatibility with non-Apple computers and its too high prices I would say that it's the better company. So for now I'm going to declare Android phones the best!😊