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CBD gummys are natural supplement to help you enable relaxation to combat day to day stress in 2021. Thankfully, finding a peaceful frame of mind and body couldn’t be any easier than with the help of delicious CBD Gummies. All of our CBD Gummies are THC FREE, made from the best hemp plant oils, making them completely legal across the nation. Not only do they taste spectacular, every CBD edible we carry can promotes tranquility in both the body and the mind. That means all types of physical and emotional stress can quickly and safely become manageable. Whether you are nervous to give a big presentation at the office or simply trying to wind down before bed, these gummies can help. With a full night of unbroken sleep, your energy level can soar the next day. Flavors and products available: CBD Peach Rings- 330mg Pack – (33mg per ring) A tangy, but sweet way to put an individual’s mind at ease with thes Peach Rings! CBD Apple Rings – 330mg Pack –(33mg per ring) These Apple Rings pack a sweet taste and work to improve the general well being. CBD Strawberry Banana Rings - 200mg Pack - (25 mg per ring) You can’t go wrong with these Strawberry Banana Rings. Strawberry meets banana, a sweet combination of CBD marital bliss. CBD Blueberry Raspberry Rings – (33mg per ring) 330mg Pack – Let’s say you desire a hefty dose of fruity flavor, you can’t go wrong with our Blueberry Raspberry Rings. CBD Watermelon Rings – 330mg Pack –(33mg per ring) Add plenty of sweetness to your day with a Watermelon Ring CBD Gummie. CBD Honey - 100 mg pack. Pack of 10, each straw is 10mg of CBD and can be put in tea, coffee, or your favorite drink! It can be eaten on your favorite snack or food, with anything!! It can also be eaten as is. Just pop open the end and enjoy!! 👉🏽link in bio Take a break, relax and enjoy the little things in life! Sincerely, Unapologetically Healthy “Where Self-Care is a Priority” #blackownedbusiness #blackexcellence #ancestors #Godisgood #selfcare #selfmade #physicalhealth #mentalhealth #emotionalhealth #mentalhealth #spiritualhealth #unapologeticallyhealthy #me #cbdgummies #cbdhoney #cbdbathbombs #bathbomb