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Band Workout Tip of the Week:Band Pull Ups • So you want to get better at pull ups? But let’s be honest, pull ups can be challenging to the point that you may not even try to do them in the gym. We have all been there. Today’s tip is for those you want to improve their pulls up but don’t have another person to spot them. Use a band! Give this tip a try next time you’re doing pull ups! Make sure to tag a friend who needs help with their pull ups and leave a like if this was helpful! • •First thing you want to do is secure the band at the top of the bar that you’re using. • •Next you want to pull band down to feet as you step inside band. Make sure to straighten leg out before trying to grab pull up bar. • •Next grab bar with hands for your desired grip position, make sure to keep your core tight and engaged. Don’t allow the band to pull your leg forward. You can accomplish this by engaging the quads of both legs. • •Next pull yourself up to work your pull up. You will then feel assistance from the band helping to pull you up. You will notice that it is a lot easier!Depending on your size of body and strength will determine band size. The stronger you are the smaller the band. Or the more assistance you need, the bigger the band. • •Remember dont allow something challenging to stop you from getting better! • #trainbyfaith #tbf #pullups #bandedpullups #bands #resistancebands #nospotterneeded #challenging #orlando #orlandopersonaltrainer