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MENTAL ENERGY WHERE IS YOURS GOING? | Try not to fall into the trap?! What trap? 👇👇 . ✒@anxiety_wellbeing 🎨@kaha.mind 🌱 . When we think about our energy, I think it's normal that we connect with our physical energy & what we are DOING. We can see that if you are doing something like working a 9-5 then you can picture where your energy is going but, mental energy is a bit of another conversation & not so easy to spot if you're not sure. . ENERGY TRAPS Where is your mental energy going? 🤦‍♀️If you wake up thinking about the dreaded day ahead. Do you enjoy your present morning before you start? 🤦‍♂️If you have an appointment that you are worried about, are you placing your mind at the appointment before you're even there, spending the time worrying about it, when actually the appointment lasts 30 mins with worry time lasting 2 weeks 22hs 🤦‍♀️If you have experienced anxiety are you constantly focused on body sensations placing your entire day around "could I be getting anxious now?". 🤦‍♂️Are you in a relationship where they need help, but don't actually help themselves. You worry on their behalf all the time and make all the effort, hoping they will change. Where's all you mental energy going? Do you have time to think about yourself? . You mental energy is not best spent worrying or worrying for someone else & it's hard to let go of that worry, we get that instant feeling of dred when we contemplate letting go "What will happen? . Nothing will happen, nothing changes that isn't in your control. . Worrying doesn't make change. Actions do Worrying steals present peace Worrying causes anxiety to increase. Your mental energy is best spent on what you can control. Worrying won't change a person, they only way they'll change is if they want to. . LETTING GO TIPS If you catch yourself using your mental energy worrying. . Stop Take a breath Observe the situation Are you present of the moment or in the past or future? Is worrying helping? Will it change anything? What could you do with this energy if you let go? 'I notice where my mental energy is going, it's not helping, I choose to let it go & refocus my thoughts in something helpful. Lots. ❤ . #anxiety #thrive