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Supremely awesome things that happened in a very normal week, in no particular order: 🍷✨ Very generous booze fairies sent very lovely wine from their high country home ‘just because’. This made me weepy and all warm and fuzzy (and will also make me decidedly tipsy when we partake 🤪). Thank you beautiful humans for your very appreciated random act of kindness ♥️ @mattpalmerphoto @miekeboyntonphotography 🌸✨ First Mother’s Day Breakfast with a high school kiddo and it was so classy! Amazing breakfast boxes, flowers, friends and my gorgeous girl in a fit of hysterics at her mother begging for a selfie in the locker bay (“Mum get off school property NOW”, ah feel the love!! 🤣) 🥚✨ My first Greek Easter ever and I somehow took out the smashing of the eggs!! No pressure from the gorgeous SIL 😉🤣 @missmoro88 It’s luck for a year apparently so Eggward has taken pride of place 😁 🐶✨ Dogs for days! Dog sitting makes the kiddos happy and we love helping out our mates ☺️ 🌿✨ Our favourite local cafe @verdure_romsey turned five and, to celebrate, they gave away very cosy, comfy, WARM alpaca wool socks. More random kindness! Thank you Cass and team, I love my warm feet 🦶🏼🔥 🐟🍟 Wrapping it all up with Friday night F n C with my folks!! Calling that a cracker week!! 👏🏼 #extraordinaryintheordinary #goodweek #wine #breakfast #luckyegg #dogsitting #verdure #alpacawool