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Matrescence 💮 the process of becoming a mother. The physical, psychological, and emotional changes women go through during the monumental transformation that is motherhood . A transformation 🌟 Something I had never viewed it as. It's like I just seen it as something new like an add on to who I was, a journey that may hold challenges but I was strong so ill get through it. I didn't ever consider the fact that my body and mind would go through significant changes some to be the most challenging ever experienced . 💢 Neurogenisis - the creation of new neurons in the brain is what we go through. Our brain is literally changing through out pregnancy! Mama, your brain before children and your brain after birth are not the same. YOU ARE NOT THE SAME. You have been upgraded! You have now gone through a massive transformation that will allow you to download and connect to new segments of this world . Yet when we begin to raise a child we seem to try hold onto the person & brain we had prior. I know this to be true for myself. Yet now more then ever have felt a breakthrough after a breakdown. Giving me clarity on the truth behind this incredible transformation. I have had some of my most profound spiritual awakenings since these changes! . I am no longer the woman you may have known before my two children and that is truth. The hard truth, but I get it now. My brain is different. My priorities and values are different, I have created new belief systems and even now view the world differently to how I once used to. . I gave birth to a child and also gave birth to a new identity 🌼 . It has taken me 2.5 years to see this to feel this. Sometimes it may present itself as postpartum depression & postpartum anxiety. We can experience these intense emotions because of hormones but also because of this unavoidable change within our brain. Like its chemical, we can not fight this but most of us will and do! . I've been reflecting the past week on where I am at in my life and know with a breakdown always comes a breakthrough. This is my breakthrough! I am no longer the woman I used to be, it's time to let her go and time to get to know and hold the woman I am now! . 🤎