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When was the last time you went into your physician or psychologist’s office with a week’s record of the meals you ate, exercises you performed, hours you slept, and moods you experienced? Most physicians and therapists don't prioritize this type of info and don't measure it [everything is self reported]. The classic treatment paradigm speaks for itself. When someone with poor lifestyle decisions goes to their physician or therapist experiencing symptoms of depression, the conversation often shifts to thought patterns and brain chemistry - which are important! But in order for therapy and medication to work most effectively, a foundational baseline of health must be established. Aside from self-reporting during the occasional Dr. appointment or weekly therapy session, current Western Medicine-based treatment methods often don’t track these fundamentals with accountability needed to support long-term progress. The problem is that medication will not fix a broken physiological foundation. The right type of coaching, however, can monitor, measure, and personalize these criteria. I believe that true healing from a disease that (at its worst) makes people KILL THEMSELVES takes significantly more than taking medicine and going to talk therapy once a week. I have seen the positive transformative effects of the power of coaching, on my life and others. And It’s why I want to help guys that believe their depression is holding them back and develop the tools and systems to truly OVERCOME IT EVERYTIME IT ATTACKS. . . . . . . . . . #coaching #results #innerpeace #mentalhealth #accountability #ownership #destiny #MensHealth #Awareness #Anxiety #MensIssues #ModernMan #EmotionalIntelligence #MentalFortitude #Resilience #BodyMindSpirit #Brotherhood #Vulnerability #Power #Mindset #LevelUp #Progress #therapy #mindbodyconnection #conscious #suicideawareness #mentalhealthawareness
“Embrace rejection” is irritating 🙄 cuz the truth is, it hurts! But just because it hurts, doesn’t mean we should choose to live in NONreality instead. Sometimes when someone passes on you, it’s tempting to stay in the ring and fight for your spot. But NONreality in this case is behaving as if acting out of the pain of their rejection will change something. It’s also reinforcing the hugely problematic belief that you have to prove yourself to get love. When you’re fighting for someone who simply doesn’t want to be with you the way you want to be with them, or who is actively manipulating you (you know by how you feel - are you confused or are you clear about where you stand with this person ??), it’s a KO before y’all even start. Denying reality can look like: indulging in obsessive thoughts, repeatedly asking/chasing after the person for an answer, texting their friend to “try to see what happened,” or straight up arguing with them about their decision to leave. I get it, anxiety will have us doing things we know aren’t rational but it still feels emotionally justified. You might freak out at rejection, but what would you rather happen? Would you rather be played for the next 6 months and THEN find out? Would you rather lie to yourself and keep acting like you don’t see what you see, or feel what you feel? Let’s make a rational decision. And THEN let’s handle the emotions that come with the painful but necessary separation between who you are becoming and who you once were. 💡 If you’re going to be who you’ve been (and I’ve been here plenty) - someone who is ok with half-effort, total indecision, and lack of consistency or commitment ? Or you gonna be someone who can say yo, I really like you and still I’m leaving this behind because it doesn’t match WHO I AM. Save yourself because you can, reach out when you need support, reach back into the bullsh*t never ❤️ • • • • • • • • • #boundaries #traumabonds #codependency #anxiousattachment #datingcoach #datingtips #relationshipcoach #blacktherapist #blacktherapy #blacklove #healthylove #blackdating #millenialdating #hvm #highvaluemen #highvaluewomen #modernwoman #modernman #datingadvice