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A year ago today marked the day of the Paris pre-selections for Juste Debout. The finals were scheduled for the following day and the excitement to see who would be the last finalists was downright electric. Then came the news that the finals were cancelled. It was a shock, as was Bruce's news about ending Juste Debout entirely, but what I will never, EVER forget was the vibe in the room. Where many would have been disappointed and left, THIS crowd - and I mean the ENTIRE ROOM - doubled down and stayed to the watch the last dancers battle til the very end. I've never experienced that level of genuine support and LOVE in one room. Love for dance, for what Bruce created, for the dreams that came true & even those that wouldn't be realized, because at least there was something to dream about. It was bittersweet, but I feel honored to have been at what turned out to be such an historic moment. It was the last time I was with a bunch of people like that before the world closed down, and while it didn't end the way we'd all hoped, we sure had fun. ❤ . . #justedebout #justedebout_officiel #dance #dancebattles #competition #memories #Paris . . . #repost @justedebout_officiel Do you remember what happened one year ago ? Follow our journey for 20 days to live again 20 unique moments of Juste Debout’s history Vous souvenez vous de ce qu’il s’est passé il y a un an ? Suivez le @justedebout_officiel pendant 20 jours pour revivre 20 moments uniques de l’histoire du Juste debout Swipe ⏩ version 🇫🇷 Voice over & Mix : @nineworld #justedebout #justedeboutlegacy #2020 #dance #dancebattle #history