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So, the lovely @dianaopotipr did something amazing last year with her campaign, #100DaysOfAfricanFashion. She managed to showcase and highlight the beauty and diversity of African designers, showing how we can enjoy casual to couture designs that demonstrate high craftsmanship and creativity from right here in Africa. She got me thinking about our new urban and contemporary African music and how extensive and diverse it is. And I guess she got others thinking about the African arts as well. @SisterKilljoy did a fantastic job with her subsequent #100DaysOfAfricanReads and @peperukaworld took over after that with #100DaysOfMeILove. I really wanted to then take my turn with African music, but Diana was ready to go ahead with her 2nd instalment of African fashion. I reached out to her and we then decided to do our #100Days campaigns concurrently. So today, I start #100DaysOfAfricanMusic. It's basically what I do with #Afrocentral, the radio show I host on Sundays on @homeboyzradio where I curate music by African artists that are not necessarily mainstream, and if they are, I share music of theirs that may not have gotten excessive AirPlay, but is still wonderful, in my opinion. Everyday I'll share a song or five that I'm listening to by an African musician/band, and give you some information about them, where they are from, why I enjoy their music and where to find them. (You can also listen to it on @Afrocentral every Sunday from 11am to 1pm 😜). This is my personal curation of #AfriCan Musicians that I love and adore and I hope you get to discover one or two artists that you may have not known before this! Enjoy!