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Day 30 - Let it bloom ✨ It didn’t feel right to continue with come what may posts without putting what I put up on my stories earlier here for anyone that didn’t see it. After reading so many eloquent & perfectly worded posts today I wobbled a bit with how to verbalise what I wanted to say or whether or not it would be perfect or make sense or be factually correct but in the end I thought my words are better than no words, however I expressed them. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not as educated on racism and it’s history as I could be, so I’ve been doing a lot of reading & watching a lot of videos over the last couple of days after the murder of George Floyd to try and educate myself further. Signing petitions and donating to the appropriate places is SO vital, but It’s also really important that we all do more to educate ourselves through research, resources & books, have more conversations with family and friends, challenge & call out our peers, diversify the people we follow on social media & the businesses we support. I’m going to continue to read, educate myself & share things I’ve found resourceful and encourage you to do the above too. It’s not up to black people to educate white people, it is up to us to do that & do what we can to help eradicate the evil that is racism. . “It’s not enough to just not be racist, you have to be anti-racist”. Angela Davis . . BLACK LIVES MATTER 🖤