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Photo by @lindabournane / @VIIPhoto from her project "Outside the Binary." Goken, 23 Born in Shanghai, China, lives in Tokyo, Japan and identifies as non-binary, genderqueer and x-gender. Goken uses the pronouns he/him. “A person is just who they are, even if they are born genetically male or female, that does not mean that they have to act that way, there is no need for separation between genders. I do not like all the labeling. There should not be any borders between what men should do or what women should do, neither masculinity and femininity. I felt like transgender from birth, but last year realized that I'm not transgender but non-binary instead. When I was trans, I had a lot of anxiety and emotional issues because of the decision of getting surgery. Lots of trans people either get surgery, and they are still unsatisfied and wind up committing suicide. Other people can not get the surgery for some reason and wind up committing suicide. I hope that the concept of non-binary gender catches up in Japan and Asia more so that more people can be freed like I was saved. When I realized that I could be both genders in the same body, I felt utterly released. After thinking about it, I can not understand why this was ever a problem, to begin with. Even everyday small things like filling out your gender on a form would cause me so much emotional trauma, all of that just disappeared. It was so many limits that I was imposing on myself, that I realized was such a waste." — Follow along this month as we share some of our favorite images from 2019. — #yearinpictures #2019 #POY #VIIPhoto #genderqueer #nonbinary #lgbtq #queer #genderfluid #lgbt #transgender #tokyo