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Can you spot the difference?! Summer has well and truly arrived this week in the form of a bollock melting heatwave & with it has come the usual onslaught of bikini pics across social media.. Everytime we open the app we are greeted with gorgeous pictures of beyond beautiful bodies & so called aesthetic ‘perfection’- but before you leave the queue for the ice cream van, put down your koppaberg or reach for your cover up.. I want to remind you of two things: - Number 1: it takes all sorts to make the world go round and variety truly is the spice of life! What I mean by this is all bodies are beautiful & should be celebrated, Big’s boobs, small boobs, long legs, short legs, slim or plus sized, washboard stomach or curvy & cute.. And don’t ever forget that whatever body type or shape you have been blessed with, all you need is a bikini & a smile to be beach body ready! - Number 2: as this picture has quite clearly shown, not everything is always as it seems on social media. People have their favourite angles, their favourite filters, even their favourite photographers & in some cases- their favourite editing apps 🤦🏻‍♀️ Don’t allow this to mess with your head & dislike what you see in the mirror. Social media has perpetuated a culture of perfection- where you are judged solely on the way you look- & subsequently our reality doesn’t quite feel like it measures up anymore. But life is about more than ‘likes’ or validation from virtual strangers online.. Life is about eating that solero, wearing that swimsuit, laughing with friends over a gin & being content with who you are & what you see in the mirror regardless of what you see online. As someone who has spent a large portion of her adult life hating what I looked like, I can tell you first hand that I know learning to love yourself & not compare isn’t easy & there are always days you wish you had someone’s lovely long legs or cellulite free bum- but I’m hoping this messages brings you comfort- so much of what we see on social media is fake, contrived & curated to create an image.. And we are all so much more than just an ‘image.’ We are flawed, fabulous, perfectly imperfect.. and human. Own it ♥️