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It’s ok. It’s ok if yesterday you rushed back to work without a backwards glance at your fella- so excited to just see your old colleagues & get back into the swing of things. It’s ok if you waved your missus off in the morning & once that door closed you didn’t give her a second thought- just cracked on, enjoyed some ‘you’ time & basked in the GLORY that was the peace & quiet 😂 Similarly, it’s ok if you missed them, felt a little bit lost without their presence & found yourself clock watching til they came home 💕 It’s fab if you rushed to the gym, smashed in a full body workout, nailed a protein shake after & spent the rest of the day high as a kite on those post workout endorphins & back to the gym vibes but similarly it’s ok if it just felt abit too soon for you, if you’re content to stick to your online workouts for just a little while longer, I’d you just weren’t ready for that step yet. Good for you if you managed to get a hair appointment, or your nails finally done or you’re waxing taken care of.. That feeling of being fuzz free & having your infills done is an elite feeling to be fair! But it’s ok if you’ve embraced your greys or got used to doing your nails at home & the thought of a busy salon was just a little bit too much for you. Who rushed to a beer garden & walloped a fresh draft with their pals?! Freezing their tits off in the typically unspring like British weather but not caring one bit because they were finally reunited with their mates & feeling like themselves again. Alternatively who felt super anxious at the thought of being around so many people again? The pressure of finding something to wear was too much, the thought of thinking what to say next.. And it all got the best of them and they just decided to give it a miss? It’s all ok. Yesterday was an amazing day- our country is slowly beginning to heal & open up again.. but we’ve all been through an awful lot. But this is just a gentle reminder that this last year had been hard on everyone & that is going to manifest itself differently in every individual. It’s ok to feel anxious about restrictions lifting, just go at your pace & most of all be kind to yourself & others 💕
Introducing @oaks_house!!!! 😍🏡 Me and @ercan_ram thought we’d teased you guys enough 😂♥️ Sorry for the wait you lot, in the run up to moving in, I was absolutely convinced something was going to go wrong and we weren’t going to get the house, and in all honesty, it hasn’t been an easy ride getting here, so I kept my cards quite close to my chest! And even when we moved in on Friday I have had a hard time believing it was really ours and someone wasn’t going to just kick us out 😂 But we’re getting all settled now and it really is feeling like home so I wanted to share this picture and our new home account! We’ll be posting decorating updates and pics of our house as we transform it from its this beautiful shell into our home and we’re dead excited to share this journey with you all ♥️🏡 Now I know this isn’t the bloody oscars, I’ve only bought a house but please just give me this one bellend moment and I’ll let you go back to your lovely sunny Sunday’s 😂 Big Thankyou to the lovely Chris at @butlerandstag for being incredible throughout this entire process- best estate agent in the biz! To my financial advisor @justinfurness1- who helped me beg, steal and borrow the money to make this a reality 😂 (top bloke!) And finally @laurajadamson and @chet1423- you know what you both did and we are so so grateful as it wouldn’t have been possible without you!! Oh and me @mammypattotravel and @dannya2008 too! I am very lucky to have such great people around me 💕 God, that was painful i know- please allow my Gywneth moment as we’re just so proud and grateful ♥️😂 oh and Thankyou everyone for all your kind and lovely messages.. You’re all AMAZING 😍 Let the next chapter begin 💕
Mood 😴 So we’ve been unpacking, tidying and sorting out the house since about 9am this morning and I can honestly say I am shattered! I desperately need a good wash aswell as I’m manky but that will have to wait as I’ve made the mistake of lying down and now there is literally no moving me.. 😂 I was trying so hard to get everything done and make as much headway as possible but honestly I didn’t stand a chance... And I want to enjoy this process and be excited about it all- not destroy my self trying to get it all done in one weekend 😂🤦🏻‍♀️ So I’ve decided to just chill out and see this entire move and the decorating process as just that- a process, a journey, something that isn’t going to happen over night! (This was not an easy thing to accept as patience is NOT one of my virtues 😂🤦🏻‍♀️) This is a big moment for us, our first proper house man! Eeeekkkk! And I want to savour it! Which in fairness probably means sickening you guys with TMI and house updates (I am soooo sorry in advance 😂😴🏡) So I am going to try and enjoy every single step of it- even the mattress on the floor, living off takeaways, no wifi stage me and @ercan_ram seem to be in right now 😂 All part of the fun 💕 I hope you all are having a lovely weekend... ♥️ ps getting our very own version of little guy is 110% our next step!!! This house was MADE for puppy paws!!! 😍🐶🐾 @dogstrust
I’m sorry right- but If spring was a picture... THIS WOULD BE IT 😂😍 Girliesssss!!!! I am so excited for next week- let me paint you a picture! You’re looking a million bucks, you’re in a beautiful beer garden with the lasses, the weather is warm- sunny with a light breeze, you’re on your second aperol spritz and all your worries, cares and stresses of the last year are just drifting away as the music, laughter and chatter just washes over you... Aaahhhhh!! Absolute BLISS!! I am absolutely buzzing like an old fridge for this little dream to become a reality next week- I have been planning outfits for MONTHS and I am so happy all my nights playing dress up and doing fashion shows for @ercan_ram have paid off!! (Btw he is more pleased than anyone that we can finally go out next week as it means this practice might actually stop 😂) I’ve decided I’m debuting this little number next week when I meet the lasses for cocktails and sushi and I cannot wait to give it the airtime it deserves 😂😍✨ It’s from @coastfashion and it’s adorable, puff sleeves, sassy print, lush material and the cute waist belt was giving me all sorts of snatch so thankyouuuuuu for that friend 😂😍 If you’re heading out and about next week for some drinkies with the girls, a date night with bae or maybe a cute catch up with the fam then why not treat yourself to a little trip to @coastfashion and check out their gorge new collection, perfect for the world opening up again 💕 Eeeeeekkkk I am giddy with excitement my lovelies 💜 The link to shop is in my bio and on my insta stories guys! Enjoy! #ad #PlayDressUpWithCoast
SNEAK PEEK 😍🏡 Proper pinch me moment today as I went to see our new home & have a little walk through with our designer! It is just as beautiful as I remembered & I’m so excited to get our teeth in to decorating it & turning it in to our dream home 💕 I’ve debated posting this as the last thing I want to do is come across as smug or bloody showing off- especially in a year that has presented so many hardships for so many people. But I’ve always been super honest on Instagram, showing the good as well as the bad- & it’s important for us to celebrate our wins as much as it is for us to own our losses. So here goes. I am not a flashy person, I don’t have fancy cars (predominantly because I can’t drive to be fair 😂), expensive watches don’t interest me & ostentatious shows of wealth have never been my cup of tea. I grew up understanding the importance of hard work & subsequently I respect what i earn & my goal has always been the same- I wanted to look after my family & friends & have a nice house. For years I was told that I wouldn’t amount to anything, I had agents tell me not to leave geordie shore- I’d be a fool to walk away- as there was nothing for me outside of that show, I had people tell me I’d never be in the jungle- they’d never put someone like you in there, boyfriends tell me I wasn’t good enough, I was told I’d never be able to do shows on channels like the BBC. I have been doubted, put down & told to stay in my lane- & the sad things is- If you are told anything enough, you start to believe it 😔 This is a post for anyone that has ever been doubted or put down or told their dreams were too big- it doesn’t matter what anyone else is saying- all that matters is how you talk to yourself. & you best make sure every day you tell yourself that you are worthy, you are strong, you are smart & you WILL achieve whatever it is you want out of life. If you work hard, be kind & put good things out there.. There is only one way your life will go guys 💕Remember, that little girls with dreams become women with vision. And there is no way you can stop a woman who knows what she wants in life & isn’t afraid to go for it. Here’s to all the dream chasers💕