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😺 Good news update! 😺 Sorry it’s coming a couple days late but I had some unexpected family matters to take care of Monday after Ginger’s appt that continued into yesterday. Overall she is improving and we’re seeing more activity out of her as far as exploring around the house more and even jumping up on the couch to join us for the first time in a long time Sunday evening (see all pics)! 🧡So we’ll go over each condition below: Corneal ulcer- gone! Now we can switch to prednisolone ophthalmology drops to aid in the hypertension that is thought to be at the root of the retinal detachment & hemorrhage. Secondary glaucoma- pressures have been even at 14 in each eye without pressure drops since she left UGA so this doesn’t seem to be an issue. Hypertension- her blood pressure looks great & has been checked 2x since leaving UGA. She will remain on her hypertension meds permanently. Laryngeal paralysis- this is episodic still (triggered by happy purrs) so we’re trying to focus on ways to stop or shorten the episodes when they happen vs another invasive surgery (laryngeal tie back) which is risky especially at her age & has serious potential post surgical complications which we don’t want to risk if it can be managed based on the complications she suffered from the VBO surgery. Everything on her diagnostic list is thought to be secondary to the surgery or the stress/discomfort of the ear issues prior to surgery. This is definitely a “lesser of two evils” decision which we will continue to monitor & weigh out. Kidney disease stage 1- this will continue to be monitored. Her past bloodwork even as of February showed no signs of kidney disease so this is something that we’ll have to re-check at her next visit. Her litter box outputs are normal & healthy so that’s a good sign. Now, we remain optimistic that she will continue to improve especially since it seems she can hear & see better than the week before and is noticeably more comfortable & happy. We’ll see her vet in 2 weeks & will keep everyone posted! Thanks again for all the love & support! 🧡🧡
*Ginger Update* Pics in order from today to a week ago. She’s battling rare complications from her bilateral ventral bulla osteotomy surgery performed in February which was necessary from small polyp-like tissue mass growths in her ears from recurring otitis media. Ginger turned 15yrs young in January & was otherwise the picture of health prior to 2020. She is tolerating her medications well (Amlodipine for hypertension, Prednisolone oral to reduce inflammation related to her laryngeal paralysis, Oflaxacin eye drop to treat her corneal ulcer in her left eye). She had 2 other medications which have since been stopped which was Gabapentin for discomfort and Dorzolamide eye drop as her eye pressures were both 14 at last check) & has a very healthy appetite. She will be visiting her vet tomorrow to reassess all her conditions, and treatment plans will be adjusted accordingly. For now, I think we’re going to opt to keep her on meds vs putting her through the surgery for the laryngeal paralysis which would have potential serious risks & long term complications also. Hopefully her corneal ulcer will heal and pressures will stay in check. We’ll also likely stay the course with her hypertension meds. Her respiratory episodes have definitely lessened in frequently/severity and at this stage of her life we’re in a constant battle of choosing which condition is the most serious and choosing the lesser of two evils with how to treat/manage them. All throughout, we’re considering her quality of life as each week goes by. We want her to not only be healthy but happy too. As long as she seems to find sunny spots to sun in, visit her favorite places & people in the house to hang out, & doesn’t seem depressed, we will continue to be soldiers for her in this battle. She’s a VERY tough girl & we’re happy w/ her improvements. She does have hearing in one ear and can process images according to ophthalmology tests although likely very pixelated or blurry. She walks around perfectly with no balance issues. So hopefully she’ll continue to improve one issue at a time long term. More tomorrow, out of caption space. 🧡
Here we go again! 😔 Ginger has been hospitalized at @universityofga emergency just when we thought things were really improving. Poor Ginger’s left eye was cloudy this morning and changing color (retinal detachment). The same eye had this issue but worse in December. After she underwent a bilateral ventral bulla osteotomy 6 weeks ago, the right eye was cloudy with a dilated pupil (we think she completely lost vision in it and it wasn’t reactive to light change). The left eye had a normal size pupil that changed size and shape with light conditions. As of a couple weeks ago her 3rd eyelid on the left eye went back down but now this. What’s weird is today, along with the hemorrhage in the left eye (2nd time ever), you’ll see the right eye is crystal clear and the pupil is the same size as the other side. She’s also had episodes of throat discomfort when she purrs that we’ve been told by the surgeon (not at UGA) is likely just continued healing or part of Horner’s Syndrome. I’ve felt her airway sounds restricted when these happen but we’ve had her seen by the original surgeon and shown her videos of these episodes which she didn’t seem alarmed about. The episodes started to become less frequently but are still happening and still concern me that something got damaged or isn’t healing properly. It’s unknown yet what is at the root of all this but the folks at UGA have been amazing at keeping me posted step by step. We want to just get to the bottom of it and do what’s necessary to get her feeling back to her old self again! I’ll post an update as soon as I get anything concrete. She’ll probably be there until Thursday for tests and observation, possibly longer if additional surgery will be needed. The ruled out anything cancerous showing up on chest xray & are planning to do an ultrasound and possibly a CT scan tomorrow. For tonight they’re giving her meds to lower her blood pressure as she’s stressed and it’s a little high. We feel she’s in great hands and hope to hear good news tomorrow. Positive, healing vibes and purrayers are appreciated! 🧡