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I’ve said this before.... There’s a “value” in being single..... It speaks to you knowing your value and not being willing to settle for just anything- now IF you’ve been single for 20 years..?? You need help.... Like real help cause there’s something going on with YOU that needs to be addressed [ childhood traumas, likely maybe a level of sexual abuse that you have never confronted, maybe everything about dating or connecting with someone sparks a trigger...... ] please don’t be mean in my comments I’m speaking on some real shit and don’t care to go “viral” leave all that bullshit over there thanks! [ back to my point ] if your. Been single for a while what exactly is the reason? I’ve written about it this in both of my books...... Men being treated like mosquito’s soon as they try and move in [ you spray ] - or women who haven’t addressed REAL childhood traumas who have somehow been desensitized and don’t wanna indulge on any level..... Here’s some small advice you didn’t ask for at ALL please forgive me for overstepping..... This year I hope and pray you decide to give LOVE A TRY!! And when I say love I’m not speaking on SEX!!! I would say if that man is constantly texting, calling, and wants to take you out? You just might be avoiding your GREATEST GIFT!!!!!! [ being completely transparent with you cause it’s important to me ] my wife will tell you that I was the LAST person should could ever see herself being with..... ] she thought I was gonna cheat on her, take her away from her family, on a controlling level, be abusive with my POWER and MONEY..... These are fears that one will create in their heads ] proudly i am NOT that guy and never lived UP to any of those fears that she projected onto me...... GIVE LOVE A TRY IN 2020!!!!! Open that door.... Ever so slightly and just put your pinky toe in the water....... [ let that man love on you, travel, spa treatments, dinners, flirting, movies...] trust the process and if it doesn’t work out.... It’s ok get back out there and try again! [ just don’t go back to your EX please ] thanks -Soon to be Life Coach Tyrese Gibson