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This might strange and random but I’m gonna say it anyway cause it’s my timeline and I’m grown....... We’re all big fans of the goat right? I mean who doesn’t have the GOAT in their top 5.....???? These 2 giants, genius visionaries, fathers, husbands and lyricist and ACTING BLUEPRINT OF SIGNIFICANT levels.. The last time I was around Jay was at the Clive Davis Pre-grammy party and my heart was beating out of my chest..... Cause I’m like wtf that’s the greatest of ALL TIME I’m a UBER Jay fan.. Who literally gets nervous when I’m around.... lol.... The same thing happens when I’m in the presence of Denzel Washington.. Why..? Because of Denzel I now have 8.7 BILLION dollars in BOX OFFICE RECEIPTS on my name.... D’s performance in THE HURRICANE as he played Hurricane Carter gave me permission to act... After I watched that movie I finally returned John Singletons phone call and say YES to doing BABY BOY... [ true story ] I look at @usher I have seen @therealswizzz @treysongz and of course @diddy locked in and around Jay.... [ cause they all real homies ] and I’m like MAN I couldn’t be Jay’s homie if I wanted to cause I’m too nervous around him... lol - Same thing happens with Denzel...... I don’t care HOW LONG I’VE been in the game..... Certain people I just can’t believe I know or have ever even met... The point in this post is while I’m Nervous I also PULL from these GREATS..... when I call myself rappin I always say “Jay gonna call me when he hear this” lol or when I’m on set doing certain scenes in movies and I say to myself.... When Denzel see this? He’s gonna call me...... Lol I’m sure they will never call I just have it in my own mind that they will... And that right there in itself inspires the complete shit out of me every time..... I know I know i know I’m a star... I’m sure you will speak this in the comments.... I’m just letting y’all know that I KNOW when I’m in the presence of GIANTS and TRUE LEGENDS and ICONs - Up at 5:30am in the vocal booth doing some shit that nobody is checking for but I know in my heart of HEARTS that I’m about to shock nighas...... This #IDentityTheft album.. Is about to create a shift in the culture.. Trust!