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Australia is BURNING. We cannot look away while so many homes, lives and futures are reduced to ash. We must make the change we want to see for our world, and right now millions canโ€™t see through the smoke. Our country has been burning for months. 20 lives have been lost, with dozens of people missing. An estimated 500 million animals have perished. Over 12 million acres of land has burnt. These fires will continue to burn for weeks, months to come. Please help in any way that you can wether it be donations of money, resources, time, blood or awareness and advocacy. Here are some organisations where you can donate: - NSW Rural Fire Service @nswrfs - Victorian Country Fire Association (CFA) @cfavic - Rural Fire Brigade Association Queensland (RFBAQ) - South Australia Country Fire Service (CFS) - WIRES - NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service - Fire Relief Fund for First Nation Communities - Direct donation to the families of 3 NSW fire fighters who lost their lives Just one incredible human @celestebarber has made waves from ripples with her fundraiser for the RFS, the link is in my Bio where anyone can easily internationally donate. If anyone displaced needs somewhere to stay, I have a spare room available on the Central Coast. Iโ€™m sorry I havenโ€™t been sharing for months as I have been struggling with my health, and found that being online wasnโ€™t the best place for me. But in times of need, social media can unite and empower us all. The ability to empathise with and support those facing catastrophe on the other side of the world should not be taken for granted. We all breathe the same air and wether it be today or tomorrow; climate change will effect us all. My apologies for not being able to locate image credits, please email me.