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I’m excited to share that TOMORROW, Tuesday May 11 at 11 AM PT (2 PM Eastern) I’ll be sitting down with my dear friend Dean Graziosi, along with a lineup of incredible guests, for our first-ever OWN YOUR FUTURE Challenge! We’ll be doing 5 days of live trainings from world-class experts for FREE!   Now that the world is starting to open up again, we all have the opportunity right now to decide what our life is going to look like in the future – and we have to ask ourselves…   Do we really want to go “back to normal?” Or do we want to create a whole new reality for ourselves? One where we’re in control of our time, finances, and ultimately the IMPACT we can have in our own communities — and the world. 🌎 Over 830,000 of you joined us this past January for my New World New You Challenge where we focused on creating a mindset for success. This time @deangraziosi and I are teaming up to show you how to create your own economy in this shifting virtual world. We’ll reveal our top strategies to take back control, get creative again after such a tough year, and create a life of true meaning and impact.     If you’re ready to direct and shape your life — to live it on YOUR terms — then this challenge is for YOU!    Remember, if you talk about it, it’s a dream. If you envision it, it’s possible. But if you schedule it, it’s real. Click the link in my bio to register for FREE now, then block May 11 – 15th in your calendar. Looking forward to connecting with you all TOMORROW — see you there!! 🗓️👨🏻‍💻❤️
I am deeply saddened to hear of the passing of my friend, David Swensen. Not only was he a financial genius, but a truly extraordinary human being. Despite his rough upbringing, David went on to graduate with his Ph.D. in economics from Yale and built a lucrative career on Wall Street. It wasn’t long before his love for Yale brought him back to the university, and it certainly wasn’t financially motivated — he took an 80% cut in pay when he accepted the position! David was driven by the notion that ANYONE who is academically qualified to attend Yale be able to, regardless of their financial situation, and it was his life’s mission and work to help make that dream come true for countless bright minds — past, present, and future. He was also passionate about education and research and poured his talents into building Yale’s endowment to support those efforts. What took Yale 100 years to build — a $1 billion dollar endowment fund — David grew to $31.2 BILLION in 30 years!   David is one of the most recognized and absolute genius minds in institutional investing in the world, and he played a huge role in my own financial education and understanding.   Not only was he brilliant, but above all he was an incredibly kind and generous man. Even when he found out he had cancer, he didn’t quit — he courageously continued to contribute his time and his energy to make a difference in the lives of others. David had a passion for giving back and for using his gifts and talents to serve a higher purpose.   “People think working for something other than the most money you could get is an odd concept, but it seems a perfectly natural concept to me.” — David Swensen   David was such a beautiful, special soul and will be dearly missed. We send our love and our prayers to his family and all those who loved him. May his good works and his unwavering principles of contribution live on.
BULA VINAKA to our @namaleresort family in Fiji who were just featured in Upward Curve’s recent spotlight on A-List resorts! 👏🏼 🇫🇯 🌴 Namale is my absolute FAVORITE place on the planet and has been since first coming here over 30 years ago. I fell in love with the people and the beauty of this breathtaking paradise and knew that I wanted to find a way to bring people here to experience it for themselves.  To give you an idea of how incredibly special this place is — Namale sits on 525 acres of rainforest and coastline 🏝️, with a private beach and waterfall 💦, and is home to some of the best scuba diving in the world 🐠🤿🐡. Fiji is the happiest nation on the planet. And no, we're not just saying that. In fact, according to a survey by the WIN/Gallup International Association – where they interviewed a staggering 64,000 people from 65 countries worldwide – 93% of Fijians are either 'happy' or 'very happy' with their lives." Global Happiness Survey - they're at the top! It's infectious, you can't help but soak it in if you're there! 🤗 It is truly heaven on Earth — you have to experience it for yourself to truly feel the magic of this place and its people!   I hope that someday you are able to spend some time with our #NamaleFamily in the special community of Fiji’s northern island of Vanua Levu — they are some of the most genuinely welcoming, kind, and joyful people you will ever meet.  To our Namale family 🇫🇯 ❤️ — we miss you and can’t wait until we’re able to make it out your way again. Congratulations, team — #BULA!
The most important decision you can make is to live in a beautiful state... no matter what happens.    Here’s the truth— our 2-million-year-old brain isn't designed to make us happy. It's designed to make us survive. Our brain is always looking for what’s wrong — whether to fight or take flight — and the result is more worry, anger, stress, loneliness, overwhelm, anxiety...  and all states of suffering.   I'm happy to tell you there's another path: one that involves taking back control and consciously directing your thoughts and emotions.   How do we do that? By making the most powerful, most important decision of our lives: To live in a beautiful state NO MATTER WHAT. To make a choice to focus on appreciation, happiness, growth, contribution, joy and love even when things don’t go your way, when you’ve been hurt, when your biggest fears show up.   Try this: Right now, think of something that you’re grateful for and that you can appreciate in THIS moment. Someone or something you love. Notice how it makes you feel, almost instantly! The next time you feel frustrated, resentful, or fearful, give yourself 90 seconds to take a deep breath, identify, process and dismiss unnecessary fear. Then make the choice to redirect your focus. Remember, life is too short to suffer!  If you live in a beautiful state everyday - how would this change your life for the better? Let me know in the comments!👇
Happy #EarthDay! 🌍💚 Today we celebrate our beautiful planet and honor those working to protect it for generations to come.   I am so proud to partner with organizations like Trees for the Future 🌳 who have discovered a long-term solution that takes ACTION against climate change — and it starts with the power of TREES.   One of the leading causes of climate change is unsustainable land use, and MILLIONS of farmers in developing countries lack access to proper training for sustainable farming practices. 🌾 The devastating results are increased carbon in the atmosphere and decreased biodiversity — and even more heartbreaking, farmers continue to see low crop yields, perpetuating the cycle of hunger and poverty in their families and communities. 💔 @treesforthefuture has been training farmers in sustainable farming and forestry practices in Sub-Saharan Africa for 30 years to help restore their land. Through their program, farmers plant thousands of trees. 🌱🌳 This seemingly simple act has a powerful effect  in deterring deforestation and land degradation, sequestering powerful greenhouse gases, scaling food and water access to some of the poorest regions in Sub-Saharan Africa, and helping to raise the earnings and income of farmers in these regions. 📈 I am excited to share that over the last four years, @thetonyrobbinsfoundation and I have helped provide the funding to plant 71 million trees through Trees for the Future – well on our way to our 100 MILLION trees goal! 🙌 The truth is, we can ALL be part of the solution to protect our earth. Let’s make a difference TOGETHER. 💚 🤝 💙 If you’d like to join me in planting trees this earth day, you can click the link in bio to make a donation to Trees for the Future. Let’s love our planet, this beautiful place we are privileged to call home. 🌎 Leave a comment and let me know how you’ll do your part this Earth Day — and every day! #goodnewsearth #earthday2021 #earthmonth
We’re doing back-to-back Wealth events this week! We just wrapped on our annual Platinum financial program. What a privilege to spend this past week with our dear Platinum Partner family — & over 27 top titans shaping the world of finance. Everyone from my dear friends Paul Tudor Jones — one of the top 10 traders in HISTORY, Ray Dalio — the greatest hedge fund investor of ALL TIME, Jeffrey Gundlach the “Bond King” who managed over $140 BILLION in assets, & Steve Forbes, to former Secretary of the Treasury Hank Paulson, MicroStrategy Founder Michael Saylor, Coinshares founder Meltem DeMirrors, Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis & Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw. Our theme this past week was THRIVING IN CHAOS & how we navigate a world that is changing at an exponential pace. Never before have we had this number of absolutely brilliant minds & souls in the financial area come together to share their collective wisdom & expertise. We also uncovered what it truly means to be WEALTHY. Not just financially, but achieving & experiencing true wealth & abundance in gratitude, love, health, vitality, freedom, & a meaningful life that can only come from extraordinary contributions to others. It’s really about creating an extraordinary life on YOUR terms. Sage & I are so grateful for time spent with such an extraordinary group of humans whose boundless desire to learn, grow, give & serve never cease to blow us away. Our Platinum Partners are the largest donors to the @TonyRobbinsFoundation, and over the years we have worked together to provide millions of meals to our hungry brothers and sisters, save thousands of women & children from the horrors of human trafficking, & worked closely with various philanthropic organizations all around the world. We deeply appreciate this family of loving, giving, creative, generous, & diverse souls! THANK YOU to each and every one of you for zooming in from home, bringing your energy & friendship & playing FULL OUT! To those of you attending this weekend’s Wealth Mastery program, we can’t wait to hear about it! This has been such a powerful and profound week together. What a blessing to walk this path with each of you.️ 👊 🙏❤️