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This past week has been tragic for the skateboard community. I have fond memories of touring with Joe Hammeke and Jonas Wray through the years. They both brought a fun energy to our sessions and were exceptional at their crafts; Jonas with his skating and Joe with his photography (and skating). Jonas made us laugh endlessly on the 1999 Adio tour of Australia, with his quick wit and hilarious observations of our absurd scenarios. And Joe was a hardcore skater that just happened to be a great photographer. He traveled with us on our 2012 @birdhouseskateboards tour, capturing all the chaos through a soulful, artistic lens. I vividly remember arriving into Portland very late one night and Joe asking me about getting up early so we could hit Burnside before our demo that was outside of town. His exact words were: “a photo of you at Burnside would justify this whole trip for Phelper.” So woke up before the crew, skated through the empty streets of Portland and got a photo before the locals had even had their coffee. I only did a few inverts on the “punk wall” and Joe got the perfect shot. Swipe to see a video taken by a random passerby that only recently realized that it was us at the park (long story, but go to @danigeos Twitter if you’re interested in the tangent). I am thankful to have spent time with both of these extraordinary skaters, and my sincere condolences to their friends and families. Links to their respective fundraisers are in my bio. Hug your loved ones because the future is sudden and uncertain.