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#1millionby2020 ✅🌏 • I'm sure you guys have seen by now that we have hit our target of educating and inspiring 1million people to swap to an @BambuuBrush before the end of this decade ♻️ • I know we've said it over 1000 times but genuinely, we want to thank every single one of you for all the support since we launched in February this year. We love that so many of you have got involved in everything we are striving to achieve in the future and we can't wait for you to be involved even more ♻️ • 1million less plastic toothbrushes in circulation around the world, not ending up in landfill or even worse in our oceans, breaking up into smaller microplastics that become easily digestible to plankton therefore entering our food chain and contributing to cardiovascular diseases, cancers and hormonal changes! #1millionby2020 it's more than just the toothbrush 🌏 • Tune in 7pm tonight on @bambuubrush for us to announce our next 3 targets, 2 created by Rebecca and I and 1 selected by you guys 💪🏼🌏 • Again thank you guys, and this is just the beginning, we have such an amazing opportunity to continue this momentum and do a lot of good in this world right now, let's do it 🌏✨ • Photo Credit - @hblcmarketing @clombardiseijo @lessplasticuk @plastic_patrol @plasticoceansuk @oceanambassadorscanada @aplasticplanet @plasticpollutes @plastictides @plasticfreedom_ @plasticchange @kikplastic @plasticfreejuly