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☃️SECRET SANTÉ IS BACK☃️ My friend @servedbysoberon did it again! During this festive saison, he matches up a bunch of home and pro bartenders with the duty to create a cocktail for one 'lucky' fellow drinkstagram enthousiast. This year I unpack my Santa uniform and created a drink for @homebartenderuk !! I hope you like this #SecretSanté! _____________________________________________________________ 🇬🇧 SO LONG ISLAND! ... ICED TEA 🇪🇺 (Brexit pun intended) I matched up some known British booze as single malt whisky and sloe gin with a great classic, the breakfast tea. All stuff we hopefully doesn't have to miss out on after brexit is done, or maybe we can't afford it anymore due to import and export taxes. I really don't know which side Ed is on, but I'm sure he'll see the humour of this drink 😁 40 ml cold orange peel infused English Breakfast Tea 30 ml @tamnavulinwhisky single malt Scotch 30 ml @sipsmith Sloe gin Dash Sucre de canne Dash @thebittertruthcompany own decanter bitters 40 ml ginger ale Prepare the tea: a bag of English Breakfast Tea in a cup, pour boiled water over it and add some orange peel. Remove tea bag after 5 minutes, the orange peel after 10 minutes  and cool the tea down for 3 hours. Get a mixing glass and pour the whisky, sloe gin and the cold tea in. Stirr fermly. Have a taste and add some sugar(sirop) or bitters if needed. Strain in a cup filled with ice and top off with the ginger ale. Garnish with some orange peel and some blueberries. #cocktails #cocktail #cocktaillovers #drinkstagram #bartender #homebartender #drinkcreations #whisky #singlemaltwhisky #whiskylover #gin #ginlovers