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Alright Bella Army!! I NEED you more than ever!! It’s the DWTS finale and the LIVE VOTE matters the most tonight! From 8-10pm EST I need your help voting for my love @theartemc and his dance partner @kaitlynbristowe I know the focus is always on the stars but I have always looked at the Pros as stars too. To be a pro dancer on this show you have to be the best in the world. What the pros put into every season is incredible. Day in and day out they are thinking of how to make their star better, the dance better, take the critique from the judges and apply, they truly are the creative brains behind this competition show. And my sweet Artem is just brilliant... his choreography, storytelling, coaching and dancing. He not only was able to make it to the finals and give us true gold every week leading up to it but he was a rockstar Daddy too. It wasn’t easy having a newborn during this season, especially during a pandemic, but Artem sacrificed sleep, had incredible patience and gave it his all! Not a lot of people can do what he just did! Artem, no matter what you are a winner to Teo and I! You are the mirrorball in our lives! Now go out their baby and actually get that mirrorball trophy so Mommy and Daddy can finally kick their feet up and have the greatest story to tell our Matteo about the first three months of his beautiful life. I love you A! With all my heart! Season 29 will always be For Teo. 💙 Text Kaitlyn to 21523 AND head to PLEASE give Artem and Kaitlyn all 10 votes on both!! 🙏🏼💋✨ #dwts #forteo #teamwillyouacceptthisdance