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Just wanted to share something ..🥺 thank you to every single person that brought my heart to life during Covid (hands are shaking ) 🌹 I love you all so dearly oki bye “HIT DIFFERENT” @SZA ft @tydollasign + @jacobcollier OUT NOW PRODUCED BY THE FUCKING NEPTUNES . And @iam_c_lang ✨ @theneptunesofficial Director: Solana EP:@dangerookipawaa & @_ajr_ DP: @luisperezdop Producer: @iamstillpunch @retone @tayhawes  @_ajr_ Production - @justbearit @marcodinero AD Team : @haitianev @george_solomon Choreographer @parrisgoebel Choreographer Team @jamaldeandre_ @yuliana__maldonado Dancers: @joya_jackson @tajariley @itschinataylor @kaylaraeee_ @brimorrison_ @_taylorterry Camera: @josedla @ginamv @official_natefox SteadiCam @renardcheren Pretty Committee SZA: @dianne @aleherself @hairjunkierandy @adamburrel Pretty Committee Dancers: @dianne @aleherself @julieeedinhh Gaffer @damnhumble Lighting: @patrickmattesfilm @haydenklemes @chris.van.lieshout @joseruiz1818 Key Grip: @taylor_reick Grips: @chrisginnaven @michaelrosnerhyman Prod Designer: @theworldofdylanhutchins Editor: @laurendellara @anniebercy @rockpaperscissoreditorial Color: @ty.roth @company_3 VFX: @mugenthemadking @sirfinch Production Assistant: @hermajesty_ab @TrayHawes @justin.m.hill @riturnoftheseth Logo design : @byseanbrown Medic: @cerra_ jiana BTS @mpvinny300 @slimagination Locations: @filmwithuslocations @mikebusa Thank you, Animals Of Hollywood Pick Your Parts Sun Valley @g8check keeping us Covid safe Label:  @topdawgent @rcarecords