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6 Shoulder exercises you should include into your routine! Some of these exercises I do as a warm-up some of them are part of my actual workout. All of them are great. Swipe, share and save to support! The warm ups. Cuban press. One of the more challenging movements when done correctly. Start light!!! Begin with your back against the wall and perform an upright row until your elbows are at a 90°. From there externally rotate your shoulders until the barbell is above the head. Finish the movement by pressing to full extension and then reversing the movement on the way down. DB push up to T spine rotation. A great warm up to open up and work three heads of the deltoid. TRX (or ring) “Y” “T” “W” Positioning yourself at an incline away from the TRX perform each movement slow and deliberately. Scott press- before there was an Arnold press there was the Scott press. This movement provides constant tension as you start with a neutral grip and press up and back with the pinkies higher than the thumbs. This is a great for the anterior and lateral head of the delt. Incline bench, reverse cable fly. This is a great movement for the posterior head of the deltoid. Like using a cable as provides tension throughout the full range of motion. Go with the lighter weight and squeeze at the top. lying cable rope high pull. It’s easy to cheat on standing upright rows, this is a great way to make sure you do the mince strict. Also a good substitute for anyone with an injured lower back. @fitnessculturetraining programs. @gymshark too and bottom (I’m a size large- 6’1 215 lbs )